Need reco for IC to tame a bit of

Recently added a very simple and minimal 2 channel set-up in a dedicated HT/listening room. The room is treated, and the results have been astonishingly good, and frankly better than much more expensive gear I have heard over the years. The system is very revealing, and now that I have lived with it a while, I would like to try to tame a bit of upper mid-range/treble glaring so that it is a bit less fatiguing at higher volumes. All components were selected with an emphasis on transparency and soundstage, so I am not surprised that the system is a touch bright.

The system is thus: Cary 303/200 CDP playing direct through Harmonic Tech Silway 2 balanced interconnects into a Spectron Musician II Class D amplifier. Speaker cables are a DH Labs Q-10 "Remote Sense" design (making the speaker cable and speaker part of the digital feedback loop)and the speakers are Totem Forests. Ideally I can leave everything else alone and try some different interconnects as a way to relax things a bit. Suggestions?
Cardas GR?
I would suggest swapping out the DH Labs.
For ICs,keep an eye on the AudioGon Auctions:Black Mountain Pinnacle Golds.
KCI Silkworms for sure...
Tpsonic, have you heard the DH Labs Q-10 cable? Part of the reason I bought it (used) is that it DH Labs would replicate the remote Sense design, and it has mated well to the amplifier for others. . .Just curious. I may try a different speaker cable down the road, for now I would like to A-B some IC's.
I have had very good luck with MAC palladium ICs. I am not particularly impressed with the differences that cables make but I have to admit that the palladiums did tame the glare some in my system. It was a case of my experience matching the reviews.
Jswarncke-yes,the DHs are not my favorite.
For sweetness and warmth:Black Mountain,PAD Maximus,Stealth PGS,Cardas Hexlink.