Need receiver - speaker matchup advice

Thanks to your help on an earlier thread, I've tentatively narrowed my search for a startup system as follows (top priority is good classical/jazz audio but video connections, FM and an eventual phono stage are secondary needs; may add a sub later but 3-channel is the target, not surround):

Receivers: used Arcam 200 or 300; NAD T-763 or a Rotel
Monitors (need to be near wall, on shelf): Von Schweikert VR-1, Revel M-20, Dali Evidence 370

I've heard all but the Von Schweikert's separately but hearing them together isn't feasible.

Help! Thanks!
I'd definitely go with an Arcam receiver. I have the AVR100 with the same setup, just 3 channels. Splitting 70% music, 30% movies. By far the most musical receiver I've heard including, NAD, Rotel, Denon, Onkyo, Integra, etc. I mainly listen to Jazz also.

There are more video connections with the 300, and it does sound better musically, but the 200 is an absolute steal for less than 1K. I think what's upstream from the speakers is what's most important. And once you get the electronics straight, it'll be easier to do system matching and figure out what speakers work best.

For a phono stage I'd recommend the Rega Fona at $249 or the NAD PP2 for $129 I think.

Best Wishes,
Jessleo ...

There was a thread earlier this week regarding how to achieve decent sound with speakers located on bookshelves inside an enclosed piece of furniture (thread #1102390084). From an earlier thread, I see where you may be doing much the same thing with your set-up. Given that, you should be focusing on acoustic suspension/sealed box design speakers primarily or front ported speakers, at the very least. I believe that you should not spend top dollar either, as there are sufficient compromises inherent with this type of set-up.

Acoustic suspension speakers tend to be inefficient (85db sensitivity) and therefore, you will need a receiver with good reserves of power. Without knowing your budget, you may want to look at the Music Hall Maven . If you can wait a few months, Outlaw Audio will be coming out with a 2 channel receiver in the early Spring. I spoke with the company president and it is supposed to be a real sweet receiver. I have not heard the Arcam 2 channel or HT receiver, but they are very well regarded.

As for the speakers, I have had excellent success with NHT and Omega speakers (think Omega Grande 6) with both near wall and inside bookcase placement.

Regards, Rich