Need Rec on $3k or under Preamp

I tried the AR 16 and the Bat 3ix and like them both
was thinking of paring it with a McCormack DNA 125 to run my Magnapan 1.6QR's

I have Nordost blue heaven interconnects and wires
I would consider contacting Audio Horizons. I tried several big ticket preamps and settled on Joseph Chow's preamp. The pursuit of audio nirvana is fun yet never ending. Steve
I use a BAT VK-3i and BAT VK 200 to run my 1.6s. Have not ever used the AR for comparison, but am completely happy with this combo. I've used this now for the last nine years and am at times still floored at times.
If you don't need a remote, a used Lamm LL2 Deluxe is tough to beat.
First Sound Presence Deluxe.Easy tube rolling-one per channel.
The Dodd is excellent.
I'll 2nd Dodd. Hard to beat......possible but hard.
Excellent feel and finish.
Very transparent.
Simple circuitry.

What do you like about the dodd? Maybe over the BAT

What do yo think about the Music Reference RM-4+ Preamplifier?