Need Rec--Affordable Proac D25-esque speaker

I've been through all kinds of equipment/speakers including everything from huge and heavy full range floor standers (e.g. Legacy signatures) to Planars (currently running Magnepan 1.6's) but am ready to settle down to a better imaging/transparent (disappear from the room type) loudspeaker.

The best speaker that I ever heard...with my equipment in the mix...was the proac d25...but they were too expensive for me at the time (as are the D28's right now)..(side note: yes, Proac your stuff sounds great..but 6 grand for a two way?)

What's a comparable relatively small footprint, few driver, simple design, coherent, disappear type of speaker...under 1500 used, if even exists (running a tricked out MF A5 AMP so power or sig quality not issue
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Spendor s8e and Totem Staff would both be possibilities, IMHO. I have heard the Proacs, but never owned a pair, but have always thought Spendor and Totem sounded similar. Just one person's opinion, of course.
Agree with Rdavwhitaker's suggestions, and I have found several Totem speakers to be a very good match with MF amps of the A5 generation. A pair of used Devore 8's may also fill the bill. A small floor stander from Naim may also be a good choice. These are not two-ways, but if you can find some PSB Imagine T's used, they are some very nice speakers too.

Finally, These are n ot floor standers, but I thought the Revel M22 stand mounts sounded terrific with the MF A5.
Watch for a used pair of the original Response 2.5 speakers. They come up here used and should be in your price range.
Get a used pair of Proac Studio 140s
there is no substitute for the Proac family sound
Cheers John
Best Johnnyr
having never heard Proac myself, what is the family sound?
re. Kclone's inquiry... Family Sound...To these ears...Spooky good imaging...Realistic, in the room midrange/vocals...surprisingly deep soundstage...simply the most engaging speakers I've ever heard...more toward the polite and musical than the accurate and chance of listener fatigue...

All: Thank you so very much for your suggestions...did a little research today...have to admit....I'm intrigued by the Totem avenue. Also ...have to check the Response possibility too. And thanks for keeping things hype-free...I've been down the road a few times, and have little tolerance for it anymore.
Dont know if these will float your boat...but when i was auditioning monitors I was extremely impressed with the revel m20s...probably not as "romantic" sounding as Proacs...but exceptionally transparent with breathtaking realism and imaging...great bass as well...Spendour might have something in your range as well...
This may be a dumb suggestion but why not just be patient, save up a few more bucks and just get what you want? It'll be cheaper in the long run and you'll be happier. Just an opinion from someone who's found settling always costs more in the end.