Need really cheap active switchbox

Thinking maybe the King Rex as revied at 6moons.But need to just run my system on something simple and cheap for CD and phono box till I ca get decent pre.Any suggestions that won't sound like total crap?Maybe at low price point I have to go passive but current source gear does not have variable out.Find passive generally lack bass and dynamic drive.So is their a miracle cheapo box out there or must I just pony up for pre?
I have a PSE preamp model Studio One) that has MC and MM phono inputs and several line stage inputs that originally sold for $1000 or so that I'd be willing to list on audiogon for $125 plus actual shipping since it is sitting on shelf doing nothing right now. There are lots of good choices on audiogon. I prefer tube preamps myself.

Also, might have something you want, although they are more into video.