Need quality DVD-RAM recorder with ATSC tuner

My current Panasonic DMR-EX27 DVD-RAM recorder/player is not reliable. It works well when it works, which is most of the time, but now and then it crashes and I return home to find an error code instead of the program that I was hoping to watch. It has been serviced and is better - but not satisfactory, like my older Panasonic DMR-10 which is amazing (but no ATSC tuner). Does anyone make a quality version of this unit, say for about twice the price? Thank you!
Okay: No response thus far. How about an ATSC Pasasonic DVR recorder that also plays DVDs? Do any exist for sale in the USA? Thanks again!
You might want to do some research on what a HD tivo or an HD cablebox with a hardrive will do, without paying for service. I have read that they still will work, but with limited functionality. They are alot better than a DVD recorder.