Need proper sequence for cleaning records

I just received the VPI 16.5 package with following cleaners:2 bottles of Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash
1 bottle of Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Cleaner
2 Mobile Fidelity Record Brushes (for scrubbing)
1 Milty Zerostat (for elimination of static build-up)
1 Bottle of Premier LP cleaner
1 AudioQuest Brush (dry brush for use w/ Premier)
What is the proper sequence of using these cleaners?
The records are mostly mint but have a fair amount of dust from sitting in the crates for 10+ years.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!thanks!
I hate to say this, but I wouldn't use any of these. I have found the Walker Prelude 4 step cleaning system best. The Zerostat is used just before you play the record.
I've never used Premier, but go along with what Tbg has said, I'd send all cleaners you have purchased back for refund-exchange to Dealer, buy either Walker Prelude System like Tbg says, or the 3, or 4 Step Cleaning regimem from Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions.

From what I've researched, Mo Fi Super Deep is not thorough-agressive enough, and Super Vinyl Wash contains some sort of a Lubricant, which is said to lower groove noise, but also as well slightly mask dynamics. Neither of them probably hurt vinyl, in, and of themselves, unless you wish to see it, that by not getting your records as clean as they could be, this is a detriment in itself, after leaving certain contaminants in a groove, and then running that precious rock (stylus) over them.

I virtually did the same thing as you a little over a year ago, and when I had become educated by a few smarter people than I, I "gave" away $50 worth of Mo-Fi products to a person who will probably never use them.

Two different camps of thought I reckon, in one, there's the "something is better than nothing" camp. (including Windex-Dawn-Spray+Wash-Glass Plus-etc Camp)
I prefer, and come from the "do it once, and do it right" camp. Mark
Musicdirect won't take it back because it was a part of their "Deluxe" package with which the machine cost me around $420.But i will definetly try Wqalker system also and then compare the sides of Lp.
No need to send anything back-you've got great products. But the key is to purchase the MoFi Enzyme, either the MoFi Pure rinse (or, as I did, a 5 gal. 'box' of NERL Reagent grade water, 60.00 delivered to my door), and two more MoFi brushes.My technique (and btw, I use a separate, marked Music Direct brush for each fluid):

1)SDC, but only for dirty, garage-sale records-vacuum


3)Enzyme-let it sit on record for 3/4 minutes (I use an egg timer)-vacuum

4)Pure rinse-vacuum (I use a separate VPI vacuum tube for the rinse water

5)Place record in vinyl dish rack for a couple of minutes to insure that it's dry, place in new 'rice-paper' inner sleeve, and place jacket in Japanese re-sealable mylar sleeve.


As for the 'Premier'? Never heard of it until now, so you may want to experiment, but I would still leave the Enzyme/Pure for last to eliminate any of those chemicals they're touting at MD.

And btw, I've never heard of any 'lubricants' in SVW-though oddly, I have heard that about the Walker products! Go figure, but I'm betting that if 50 people reply to your post, there'll be 55 ways to clean records...

One last thing-don't clean too many until you've got the Enzyme and the Pure (reagent) water. Because you'll be wanting to go back and re-clean the LPs you've already done. (-:
Don't get rid of the Premier, it's the best product currently approved by EPA, it removes all mold release from LP's.

Agree the Walker is excellent, I have it. Simpler is the Mo Fi which is also enzyme and fewer steps.

Premier plus Walker or Mo Fi and your good. If you use the old formula Deep Clean and Vinyl wash you will not harm anything and sound will be good. When you clean afterward with Walker or Mo Fi Enzyme you will hear what you've been missing.

No crisis here.
I agree with the posters recommending the Audio Intelligent fluids - their three step system works great!


Proper sequence for anything: ask questions first, purchase second.

I'll cast another vote for the AIVS fluids. The Mofi Enzyme solution also works pretty well. I haven't tried the Walker, but it's based on similar concepts and many report good results. None of the non-enzyme fluids I've tried (including MoFi Deep Cleaner) come close.
Hello Overhang, perhaps my first response to you, and speaking of the Mo-Fi Fluids was a bit harsh.
These are certainly not bad products at all, and I have no doubt that they are very good products. Although I never used them, many people do, and I am sure they are light years ahead of what most of us were using maybe 12-15 years ago.

I've used LAST, and Disc Doctor products in the past, and these are good as well.

Next time around give either AVIS, or Walker products a try. Mark