Need Processor suggestions for 2 channel into 5

Current system: Spendor all around (S5e mains, C5e center, S3e surrounds, Sub 3); Audiolab 8000a integrated; Yamaha processor.

The speakers are A++ for the price, everything else needs upgraded...need suggestions

Several problems as I am only in the beggining stages:

1. I want to preserve 2 channel...leaning towards VAC Avatar amp due to the fact that it has an HT out, it's tube based and it's an integrated which I desire for this system.

2. Do processors amplify center and surrounds or will I need additional amps to run them. Or would one suggest a "receiver" based processor that I could amp the front mains only with the VAC (this is how the Yamaha works)?

3. Anyone with experience regarding sound quality for the center and surrounds in regard to question two...what are the pro's and seems silly to have a good speaker system that matches if they don't all sound close via the amp.

Thanks for your help.
If you go with an integrated for the main/stereo setup, you can either get a pre/pro plus a 3channel power amp or an A/V receiver with pre-outs for the remaining functions and channels.

First, yes yopu need an amp, Processors dont run your speakers, they run signals to an amp, I also would not look at a reciever, go with seperates
You didnt state your budget, but the Arcam 300 is reportedly a beautiful sounding surround reciever. You could use the pre-outs for your fronts to a different amp.
Try an Audio Refinement Pre2DSP; excellent for 2 channel stereo and also a very good HT processor. Only a preamp, though, and you'll need a multi channel amp. A used Parasound HCA1206 for about 700 to 800 is hard to beat as it is a John Curl design, THX rated, makes 135wpc @ 8 ohms and 200 @ 4, 4 of the 6 channels can be bridged for stereo 350 watts, each channel has its own output control which is useful if powering an external passive woofer.
Thanks to all...

Kr4...this is the arrangement I have now with the Audiolab/Yamaha...unfortunately the sound quality of the Yamaha is killing the enjoyment. Hense the need for an upgrade. I also wish to switch to tubes for the 2 channel, in which I listen mostly to LP's.

C123666...your suggestion is what keeps me up at night...i do believe that a good processor and multi channel amp would cut the middle by giving me great HT and very close to perfect 2 channel (or at least as "perfect" as the VAC can offer). However, I got my heart set on tubes. To my knowledge there isn't a good tube option in the multi channel amp world...and if there is I probably couldn't afford its maintenance!!!

Chadnliz...I have been thinking about a processor using the VAC for the main channels and trying to match the remaining 3 channels (building a total of 5 channels, not 7) with a dedicated 3 channel multi amp...however I fear matching the sound...can anyone recomment a multi channel amp for this arrangement?

Jdcrox...the Arcam is precisley one of the recievers I am thinkinig digital source is an Arcam, however I shouldn't allow that to sway me! In recievers I have also heard several of Rotel's offerings that are nice.

Thanks to all for your thoughts...your comments are fruitful...I guess I'd like to know if there is a multi channel amp (3 channel) that would match the VAC nicely or if I should stop pounding sand!

PS price range for reciever or proc/amp would be 2 to 3k on the new or used market.