Need preamp suggestion

My Krell home theatre pre developed static noise and the repair bill is expensive, so I want to get a new one that sounds at least as good. I am listening to the system with an inexpensive Adcom pre, and the Krell sounds considerably better in many ways - open, dynamic, bigger and more realistic.

Are there pre amps that are a good match for Krell Power amp, that sound as good or better, for a good affordable price?

I also have McIntosh separates and enjoy the sound, but the Krell combo sounds more modern, liquid, and transparent.

I am looking for those qualities.

Big thanks for your words of experience in advance...

Thanks again guys - you are a great source of Hifi info...

Stay safe everyone now.

Put the Doge 8 on your radar.

It’s an exceptional performer that comes in under your budget. FWIW, Arthur Salvatore rates them quite highly (Class B).

Be forewarned that it is very sensitive to your choice of tubes.

When I had mine, I ran Siemens ECC801S for the linestage and Mazda 12AX7 for the phonostage. I replaced it with a Don Sachs linestage which is double your budget.
PS Audio BHK Pre......however, I purchased mine at a huge discount before PSA went direct. The BHK is a Stereophile Class A unit. If I were actually going to pay $6K for a preamp (with no discount on the BHK), I may have looked elsewhere since I would compare it to other $6k pres. At the time I was looking to keep my Pre amp purchase under $4k and the BHK was much better than the Rogue RP-5 I had earlier.
I have tried many of the pre's listed above, as well as Aesthetics Calypso.  I settled on a used Modwright LS100 tube pre.  Two 6SN7's and tube rectifed as well.  Way under the radar and a top performer.  Blew away most everything else.  Under $2K used a little more if the have the tune phono stage.  Great piece of gear.