Need preamp suggestion

My Krell home theatre pre developed static noise and the repair bill is expensive, so I want to get a new one that sounds at least as good. I am listening to the system with an inexpensive Adcom pre, and the Krell sounds considerably better in many ways - open, dynamic, bigger and more realistic.

Are there pre amps that are a good match for Krell Power amp, that sound as good or better, for a good affordable price?

I also have McIntosh separates and enjoy the sound, but the Krell combo sounds more modern, liquid, and transparent.

I am looking for those qualities.

Big thanks for your words of experience in advance...

I would put the Mcintosh with the Krell and see what eventuates.Its an easy way to procede another step further in your journey towards audio Nirvana.
Why don’t you mention your budget ,very important.
Best Buy for sure is the Schiit audio Freya  vacuum tube preampunder $1k.
Just upgrade the tubes and a good power cord great sound .
if you have $5500retail $6500 the Coda 07x is a Great preamp ,from the many I have heard nothing under $10:k can Touch it ,the best sonics of both solid state and tubes .