Need preamp suggestion

My Krell home theatre pre developed static noise and the repair bill is expensive, so I want to get a new one that sounds at least as good. I am listening to the system with an inexpensive Adcom pre, and the Krell sounds considerably better in many ways - open, dynamic, bigger and more realistic.

Are there pre amps that are a good match for Krell Power amp, that sound as good or better, for a good affordable price?

I also have McIntosh separates and enjoy the sound, but the Krell combo sounds more modern, liquid, and transparent.

I am looking for those qualities.

Big thanks for your words of experience in advance...

Try the latest gen AnthemAV.  Built in bass management.  Can also be had as full HT processor versions.
I would put the Mcintosh with the Krell and see what eventuates.Its an easy way to procede another step further in your journey towards audio Nirvana.
Why don’t you mention your budget ,very important.
Best Buy for sure is the Schiit audio Freya  vacuum tube preampunder $1k.
Just upgrade the tubes and a good power cord great sound .
if you have $5500retail $6500 the Coda 07x is a Great preamp ,from the many I have heard nothing under $10:k can Touch it ,the best sonics of both solid state and tubes .
Wow! I’ll take 2. ^^^^^^^. At any price lol. Obviously you’ve never heard high end audio. 
Dehavilland UV III will end your search.  Big sound, easy on tubes. Great match to solid state.  Thank me later.  👍
Sincere big thanks to all those who took the time to write words of experience and Hifi wisdom!

My budget is under $2000 used.

You guys are great and I appreciate Audiogon for this valuable forum...

Get your vaccine and stay safe everyone now.

I'm personally a big fan of the Tubes4Hifi SP14. It comes as a kit, by default, but you can have it assembled. It has left and right channel balance. I highly recommend getting one with a remote control and with Jupiter output caps. 
I just put a Rogue Audio RP-5 into my system. Matched up with a Pass XA25... great sound! 

 look for an Onkyo p-308. Still a great , great preamp.

  Have it recapped, and upgraded.
good for another 25 years. 
Keep checking AG, for nice stuff.

  Conrad Johnson et3se is amazing!
I have the Benchmark HPA4 (same as LA4) preamp and it is my favorite component in my all Benchmark stack. I think it is the reason that more expensive gear that I bought to beat it came up short and was sold or relegated to secondary use.

It does have an Achilles heel with my RAAL SR1a phones so that is why the warmer CODA 07x is joining the party. Both pre’s are staying.
Conrad Johnson pv1 can be had for under a thousand and the sound is wonderful. 
I have a Mark Levinson no. 28 since fall, and I am very satisfied with it. I used to have Promitheus TVC passive attenuators (transformers, EI cores, separate L and R passive preamps), I was quite content, yet ML proved to be a big subjective improvement.
I see Mickeyb is still thinking his Realistic $99.00 receiver is considered high end! LOL
My closest Hifi store in the Chicagoland area has an older equivalent to the current Electrocompaniet ec4.8. I do not know the model. I think it is under $1400. I would take it for myself but it does not have HT pass through. It’s full balanced. With the box, remote, and the manual. It is beautiful to look at. Here is the link to my local store.
They are also a Nordost and Straightwire dealer in case you want to upgrade your power cord or interconnects. 
The tandberg 3008a pre amplifier is the best solid state preamplifier you can buy for the money used around 800 dollars you will not be disappointed.
Used Ayre K-5xeMP for about your $2k budget. Balanced, open, HT pass through if needed, just outstanding for any price.
Thanks again guys - you are a great source of Hifi info...

Stay safe everyone now.

Put the Doge 8 on your radar.

It’s an exceptional performer that comes in under your budget. FWIW, Arthur Salvatore rates them quite highly (Class B).

Be forewarned that it is very sensitive to your choice of tubes.

When I had mine, I ran Siemens ECC801S for the linestage and Mazda 12AX7 for the phonostage. I replaced it with a Don Sachs linestage which is double your budget.
PS Audio BHK Pre......however, I purchased mine at a huge discount before PSA went direct. The BHK is a Stereophile Class A unit. If I were actually going to pay $6K for a preamp (with no discount on the BHK), I may have looked elsewhere since I would compare it to other $6k pres. At the time I was looking to keep my Pre amp purchase under $4k and the BHK was much better than the Rogue RP-5 I had earlier.
I have tried many of the pre's listed above, as well as Aesthetics Calypso.  I settled on a used Modwright LS100 tube pre.  Two 6SN7's and tube rectifed as well.  Way under the radar and a top performer.  Blew away most everything else.  Under $2K used a little more if the have the tune phono stage.  Great piece of gear. 
If you were happy with the Krell preamp you should reconsider sending it back to Krell for repair.  They recapped my KRC-3 preamp a couple of years ago and it sounds great with my Solo 575 XD amps.
Sincere big thanks to everyone who took the time out to enlighten me on this one!