Need preamp recommendation for electrostatics

I'd like to start of by saying I am really green when it comes to audio equipment. I bought a pair of Martin Logan SL-3 electrostatic speakers and a Hafler P-4000 stereo ampliphier (200 watts/channel) to drive them. I am cuurently using the pre-amp section of a Luxman L-480 (70's technology), but would like to upgrade to something better. I am hoping to find something used around $1,000 (I could go up to $2,000 and still stay married, but that's about it). I am also open to buying a surround sound reciever instead of a preamp so I could have the option of using my powered M&K sub to power the 10" subs on the SL-3's. Classe, Rotel, Lexicon are some that I have been researching. Any help in finding something that would make "noticable" difference would be much appreciated.
There's an amplifier designed specifically for electrostatics called the Innersound ESL. These can be had in your price range(1100 or so). Do a search over at audioasylum in the planar area and you'll find alot of postive comments regarding this amp and ESL speakers. Then get an Adcom GFP 750 preamp for about 700. You should be able to sell your other stuff and still be well within your price range. These will help alot.
Surfbear; another STRONG recommendation for the Innersound ESL amp. I once had one matched up to a pair of ReQuests and it was an incredible match.

Like Warnerwh indicated, the Adcom 750 would be a great "transparent" match as a preamp, also would recommend a good tube pre, like a TAD150 or used B.A.T. (lower line) preamp.

These changes would make a pretty big improvement in your set-up, IMO.

Good luck!
Thanks SO MUCH for your recommendations. I plan on purchasing an ADCOM-750 pre-amp. Any ideas the best place to get one (either new & used)? Also, would you discourage me from using my Hafler P-4000 amp to drive my electrostatics until I am able to find a used innersound amp? Can you tell me if the innersound amp will sound better than the Hafler, or just handle the power (current) requirements better. Thanks again !!!