Need preamp recommendation

Hi everyone :)

I am in the market for a 2-ch preamp to go with my power amp, and am looking for some recomendations. Will prob go used, as I think I can get more value for my money. I would like to limit the sale price @ $4k.

Do I want this?:

Maybe something else?

Thanks in advance.

I'll 2nd the Don Sachs Linestage.  I purchased one on a whim just to check it out and ended up selling my AR-Ref-5se and my PS Audio BHK Reference.   God bless Don Sachs.  Wonderful man to do business with and a spectacular product! 
What about Van Alstine? A tube pre-amp. There is one listed for sale on Audiogon (with amp, though). I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Van Alstine- it looks really reasonably priced.
Second AVA, or search eBay for older McIntosh Conrad Johnson, Dynaco or similar tube preamp

More good ideas - thanks!

What about a Rotel RC-1570, or a NuForce MCP-18? The latter being almost too inexpensive... :/


by the look of your setup you like your music sounding sharp

better stick with a solid state pre -- go ayre, top of line w4s, maybe a used klyne... a tube pre may soften the sound more than you would like