Need preamp recommendation

I am in need of a new pre-amp that has a phono stage for a Music Hall turntable and a DAC that can support connection to my Sonos system and my digitized CD collection that was ripped in uncompressed format.  

Amp is a Proceed LX-5 (only using 2 channels) and speakers are B&W Silver Signature Sevens.   Was looking at a used Mark Levinson 526 but can't find one in my price range.  Would like to keep the cost in the $5K - $7K range.  Thank you in advance. 
Luxman Cl38u-C. Has a three tube phono w/four Step up transformers. Luxman makes great tube gear. Also on for sale on US Audiomart the special Edition model.
Sell the Proceed and up the budget to 8.5k, go for a Mark Levinson 5805 integrated with phono and DAC built in.
Its about half of your price, but a Coda CP is a nice sounding Pre.  SST Ambrosia Also has a phono version,  $10,000 new but can be had used at a song. 
I've been on the hunt for a modern preamp as well and have been leaning in the tube/hybrid direction. Here are some modern ideas in that price range. All are under 6k MSRP.
  • PS Audio BHK
  • Rogue Audio RP-7
  • Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL preamp
  • Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3
  • Primaluna EVO 400 Preamp
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I recently got a new McIntosh 123 and it ticks your boxes phono stage, all the streaming capabilities DSD and excellent DACs too ! I caught a 3 day returned open box at low end of your px range. Marantz has a similar unit at half of Mc but not has refined sound reproduction imo.
Look at Modwright.  Dan makes a unit that would have everything on your want list.  The Modwright stuff sounds fantastic and NO ONE stands behind their stuff better than Dan Wright.  I have had 3 of his CD/SACD players and still own the MW Sony 5400 Signature Truth.  


This is a bargain and will do exactly what you’re looking for and more for a lot less than what you’re looking to spend - on sale till the end of this month.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or go to our Dealer Locator to find your closest Dealer.

Thank you for your time!

I have a Bryston 17b3 which is rated class A in Stereophile. It sounds well it almost has no sound at all. Very quiet.
This is shockingly hard to find.  McIntosh C49 might be your best option in that price range.  Another would be the Mytek Manhattan ii.  Both are in your price range and do everything you need.  

Lots of units with phono stages built in like the Musical Fidelity M8.  Lots of DACs with excellent preamp stages but no phono stage like the Chord Hugo 2 TT.  
Maybe soulution too though I do not say that with much personal experience.