Need Preamp Pass XA60.5 and Dynaudio C1 mkII

Seriously need your input guys. I need a preamp to mate with my Pass XA60.5 and Dynaudio C1 MKII. Really need some ideas on preamp. My budget is about 6000, prefer used.

I'm hoping to bring my sound a little more forward presented with better imaging. I came from a old set of B&W 705 and that set had one of the best imaging I've ever heard.

Currently using a Rotel RA-1520 as preamp, so it needs to go. Must be fully balanced, I plan to run it in XLR config to bring out the best of the Pass. The only real preamp I heard was Simaudio, can't remember which model but was told its a lower end model (350p?). But really sounded amazing with my setup, but what else is out there?? Also if I do go with Simaudio, which one do you like? 740p? p7? p8?

Have anyone experience with this combo and a Classe CP-800? I listen to music on a computer also, so having a USB DAC is a bonus.

Thank you very much.
Perfect match is a Pass Pre like the XP-20. I have an XP-20 with a pair of xa-100.5's and it is a very satisfying combination. No DAC though but you can always add that ..
If you are into tubes you could go with ARC.

Pass pre-amp, XP-10 or XP-20. These are outstanding pieces.
Which cables/cords are you using in your system?
Keep me posted and happy listening!
Ayre sounds good with Pass amps. It will definitely fix your imaging problem.
Right now using cat cables silver king cats RCA. Will be changing them to XLR. How are the sound characteristics of the pass pres. I would really like more bass and slightly more forward presentation. The pass XA60.5 are kinda on the darker side of things, even with running silver cables. I'm sure just switching to XLR will fix a lot of things.
I am running a pair of Focal 1007 Be monitors with Homegrown Audio DNA Interconnects (silver) and x-32 speaker cables (silver). The XP-20 / XA 100.5 combination given my set-up is very detailed smooth and places you up front and close to the soundstage. I only have conrad johnson to compare it to which placed you further back about mid concert hall to the sound stage.

If you buy from Reno Hi-Fi Mark offers a trial period all you pay is shipping to and fro if you don't keep the pre-amp. Worth a try in my opinion especially since no one will know but you if you like what you hear or don't.

For me I have always tried to stay with the same manufacturer for amp and pre-amp because of system synergy. And given the quality and sonic character of pass labs pre-amps along with system synergy I would without hesitation try the pass first.