need preamp advice to mate with gamut d 200

Pipedream 21 s are on Gamut d 200 11 series. Subs on Classe Omega . Marantz sa 1 cd/sacd. All Nordost spm / quattro fill for now . Was told Audio Note a good match for preamp. Also told Gamuts own preamp was ok but better was easily found . Tubed preamp is what I keep hearing . Studied all posts on AS last night but no conclusions. Any thoughts? Presently using ARC ls3b.
The Hovland HP 100 is a perfect match for the Gamut.
The Gamut sounds it's best with a balanced preamp.

Lower noise, more detail and more dynamic.

Look for a balanced preamp or wait for Gamut's new D2.
Hopefully this answer being eleven days late is not too late. I have paired the Pass X2.5 preamplifier with the Gamut D 100 Mk. III which is similar to D 200 except power output. The match is wonderful (very musical, silky smooth, dynamic, coherent, spacious sound stage, and nice bloom for a solid state system). I am using GamuT CD1R for CDP, all JPS Lab wiring, from outlets, all balanced
interconnects and to speakers which are Chapman T6s (3 way dynamic speakers, about 89db efficient). I have plenty of head room.
thanks everyone who took time to help!