Need pre & power amp to drive Dynaudio

I listen to a fair amount of cd classical orchestral and opera and have found most ss amps in the 3-$6,000 range glaring/bright especially on massed strings although pop/rock sounds great. I did enjoy classical on the VTL MB 450 when I purchased the speakers and loved the Tubed DM Kronzillas on a friends system. Are there any other amps I should be auditioning whether solid state or tube. My budget is now in the 10 to 12k range.

I can purchase the MBL 8011M solid state monoblock and their 5010 pre-amp at a fair price. Does anyone have have any knowledge of these products? "Absolute Sound" likes them. Or should I stick with tubes?

I am auditioning the EMC-1UP and the Bat D5SE cd players. Like the Bat for classical/opera and EMC for pop/rock. A dilemma.

I would be grateful for your insights.
Not sure which Dynaudio speakers you have, but my dealer's setup with Lamm ML1/1.1 amps driving the Dynaudio Temptations is excellent, bettered only by the Siltech amps (and at $75K per pair, they're only a gleam in my eye!) and far better than any solid state amp I've heard at the dealer's, even the Boulders and the big Classe. You can probably get used ML1s and a used Lamm LL2 line stage in your price range (although I'd suggest springing for an L2 line stage if you could stretch the budget), and if you get a later production pair of the ML1's it'll be almost the same as the new 1.1 version. If your room is really big, the larger VTLs are also good and may be better for higher spls, just not as refined or natural as the Lamms. I find the Lamm equipment to be one of those rarities, components that are quite accurate, yet somehow excel at conveying the soul of the music.
Hey Loanofficer1,

I owned a pair of Dynaudio 1.3MkIIs and I drove them with a Plinius SA-250 MkIV. I don't know which Dyns you have but I do know that the Dyns love a lot of clean power and the Plinius will give you that. It offers up 400 watts @ 4ohms, that's nothing to sneeze at. Good luck with your search and happy hunting........John

I second the above from Jrwr7! The Plinius SA-250 or a pair of SA-102s, even better.

Fair disclosure = we are a Plinius dealer.

But truth is still truth.

Best Wishes, Paul
I had the Dynaudio 1.3SE and now have the C2s and ran them with the Mark Levinson 27.5 which is a 100WPC amp. The 1.3SEs worked very well with this amp. and so does the C2s, but I would like to upgrade to the ML 23.5 or if I run into some ex. money ML 33H to run the C2s.
Well, it depends which Dynaudio speakers you have . Some are more power hungry than others. I have the Contour 3.3's and have them powered by the Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Integrated amp which has probably about 450wpc into 4 ohms. Musical Fidelity also makes some really nice separates such as the 308 series. Simaudio also makes a W-5 amp that matches up pretty well to Dynaudio speakers.
Grateful for your input. The speakers are the Temptation which was the omitted 9th word of the post