need pre amp suggestion

I am just entering the world of hi fi. I recently acquired a Mcintosh mc300 and will be driving a set of Gallo reference 3.1 (I am so anxious for their arrival) But now I need some ideas for a pre amp, because right now I am using an older H/K receiver as the pre. I was looking at a Mcintosh mc 28 that is for sale locally. Any suggestions would be great and if they are for sale on the board even better. I would like to stay at less than 1000. Thanks.

Try a nice tube preamp on top... the C28 is just OK, and you can do much better for your money. I've used the Audible Illusions Mod3 and mod3a, as well a a CJ premier 3 and premier 14 all of which sounded great with Mac's...

Do you need/want a phonostage?

You also may want to look into Mapletree Audio. Very afordable and a big bang for your buck. (I'm breaking in the Mapletree ultra 4SE with a MC402... very nice.)

good luck and enjoy.
The mapletree stuff looks really interesting, especially at the price points. It looks very well built, does that hold true in reality?
Audio Research LS-15 great product for the money.
The mapletree stuff looks really interesting, especially at the price points. It looks very well built, does that hold true in reality?
YES!! Give Dr. Peppard (great fellow) a call to discuss your equipment and needs. He will optimally customize each input gain for you (who else does THAT?).
I've had mine for >2 years and no issues at all. Still love it! No desire to replace it at all (and it's the least expensive piece in my whole system).
This will sound stupid but what does a customized input gain do for the sound? Secondly, how do I know what to tell him.
If I were you I would stick with a McIntosh pre to go with the amp. Best match. The 28 seems pretty ancient but you should be able to find a more up to date model used.

As an aside, if those Gallo's are coming in new make sure you follow the manufacturer's break-in guidelines religiously. If you do you will be very happy with them.
Gsxr750ccs - Many factory preamps have too much gain. Its best to be able to set your volume control at half-turn for the volume you normally listen. Mid-way is generally the most linear position. Also, yuo'll have more volume selection when the gain is not so high, allowing for more gradations. You don't need to know what to ask for. Discuss with Dr. Peppard and he will offer an optimal solution. Don't be askeered. He offers a trial period. He's great and very patient and helpful. Give him a call or e-mail.
There is a VTL 2.5 listed for less than $1000,it is a very musical unit. VTL has a wonderful sound.
Good luck in your search
Mapletree is overachiver at its asking price.
But it all depends on the sound characteristics that you are looking for. In my opinion, Gallos could use a little warming up with tube preamp. At least that is how I feel YMMV.
It holds its value and it's very popular......if you decide to sell it in the future.