Need Pre Amp and Power Amp for Watt/P5.1 5KMax

I thought about Sonic Frontiers Line 1 and and amp 2. Detail, yet laid back, smooth and nice soundstage, with somewhat bass without control, to put is short- boomy. Also thinking of Cat SL-1 pre (1500 Used) but not sure which amp? Egrady suggested Mark Levinson 335 with Cat but ML is out my budget. I listen all classical, and priority is natural timbre, detail and large soundstage. Limit: $5K MAX (used) for both! Thanks!

Room size 14"x22" ceramic tiles and persian rugs.

Try Bat-used. I have WP6's with a 50se and vk60 amp. In your budget, try a VK3, 30 or 5 and a single can always go to another vk60 and run mono down the road. If you want more power or bottom end, try a VK500 instead of the 60. Go tube on the pre and solid state for the amp.
For 5k, in your size room, with truth of timbre and soundstaging strong considerations, I would opt for a used atmasphere otl m60 mk2. It is possible you could get the matching mp3 pre from atmasphere and come in at 5k, which sounds glorious or if you didn't care about staying with balanced connections, a transcendent grounded grid can sound awesome with an otl and would bring you in nearer 3k without a phono stage....for a phono stage look to Wright Sound.
Don't buy any preamp, unless you want to spend about $10,000 or more. Go direct !!! I also have the Watt/Puppy 5.1, I also love classical music ;-). I'd always thought the puppy does not have enough bass and the high is a bit bright. Until I connect my Wadia transport and DAC combo directly to the power amp, and I tell you there is no going back. It transformed my system from a hifi room to a concert hall (Orange County Performing Art Center to be exact) I could feel the guy fingering on the Cello !!! I could feel the air vibrate !!! I used to have the Mark Levinson No. 26S, which consider by many as reference class even by today standard, that I'd just sold it here on Audiogon. Enough said ? Hope this help.

Definitely consider a Classe CA-301/CA-401 or new Bryston SST series 7-B SST or 14-B. Both are excellent high-end amplifiers that compete with some of the best out there!

peter jasz