need power cord to my system.....

i have levinson 336 amp and no.26 preamp.
i need two powercord cables.
what do you recommend to me?
thank you!
This post will get the usual suspects (BMI, Shunyata, Electra Glide, blah, blah, etc., etc.) and then you'll be told to get the cords that work best in your system. To save a bunch of bandwidth, I'll recap that here:

Try all of the cords you can and then get the cords that work best for you. BMI, Shunyata, Electra Glide, etc., etc., etc....
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About 2 months ago, I decided to upgrade the power cords on my two Bryston amps. I borrowed several high-end (read: expensive) power cords from a couple of audiophile friends. After doing some A-B testing, I couldn't hear much difference between a less expensive but good cord, and the megabuck products. Maybe it's my system, maybe it's my aging ears -- but my wife, who has great hearing, heard only marginal differences as well. Ultimately, I decided that it was not necessary to spend the king's ransom, and I bought a pair of slightly customized AudioQuest power cords from HCM Audio. HCM has a sale right now on both AudioQuest and AudioMagic power cords, with prices about 50% off. I ordered the AudioQuest AC15-1.6's with upgraded Hubbell plug, upgraded IEC plug, and two extra ferrites on each cord to control RF. I got both cords for less than $100 apiece, and think they are an excellent value. If you are uncertain about whether to make the plunge into costly power cords, you might want to check out HCM's products and prices. If you are not satisfied, you can sell the cords and upgrade to something more expensive. Please remember, however, that we are talking here about wire and connectors, not some form of black magic (as some of the subjectivists might want to believe). Here's HCM Audio's Web address:

When you get to their home page, click on the "Current Specials" link to see the power cord sales.
SDC - had similar results with aftermarket cords on my 4B-ST. I will qualify that I have not the disposable income to audition the really pricy cords but I played with cords ranging from $50 - $250. No audible gain in performance. My local dealer who carries Bryston advises that of the amps he carries the Brystons are the least affected by introducing pcs - something about how well Bryston rectifies the juice once it gets inside the box... So Wilbore, I feel the best thing to do is audition if you can or purchase based on the availibility of a 30 days return policy. I know in my heart that cables can make a difference but I am of the opinion that power cords can at times offer the least increase in performance - YMMV
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Are the current Bryston amps still using "old style" iron core ( E-I ) power transformers or have they gone to toroidals ? Sean
Sean: all of the newer Brystons (the "ST" series) use qite large toroidal transformers. I don't remember the exact spec's on the transformers in the 4B-ST, but I think we're talking about 1.2 - 1.4 kVA units.
Sean - I am not sure about the NRB version which preceded the current ST version but the ST is torodials - full dual mono construction on one chassis.
Thanks for filling me in. The reason that i asked is that "old style" E-I transformers are less susceptible to line noise and do a better job of "filtration" as compared to an equivalent toriodal design. If Bryston was still using the "old time" design, i could see why they might have a slight advantage over other "modern" amps. As it is, i almost have to wonder if ANYONE is using "old style" iron core transformers anymore ???? Sean

PS... sorry for taking the thread so far off course.....