Need power conditioner advice. In reference to Furman/Tice/PS Audio/Richard Gray.

I currently have a Furman Elite 20 power conditioner that I use in a daisy chain method with other power conditioning devices (the Furman is where most devices are plugged into) and would like some advice to see if it is worth it to perhaps switch over to another power conditioner. I am really only looking for comparisons between these units mentioned below at this time. Keep in mind my funds are limited for an upgrade at this time.

If I do a large upgrade I've thought about both a Furman Reference 20i or an older PS Audio Power Plant Premier as they both seem to populate the used market with enough frequency.
Between these two units which would be the better upgrade for audio, which for video?; and if you can a brief elaboration would be of help. Just assume both are in very good shape internally (I know the Premier is an older model).It would take longer to save for these units, and would take away from some money I have been looking to perhaps spend on other things or save, so while I realize this may be the best upgrade route it comes at a cost (no pun intended).

For a more lateral cost exchange I've seen Tice Power Block III Signature units (the extra 3 outlets vs. the Elite's 13 would be nice), and Richard Gray 1200's pop up often enough to get me curious. I realize the Tice units are likely nearing or over 15 years of age, but for comparison purposes let's say the internals of these units are in very good shape.How do these compare to the Furman Elite 20 (or at least the Elite 15 if that is one's best point of reference) in both audio and video performance (separately); and of course any elaboration would help, even a brief one. I've only seen one mention of comparison between the Elite and a Richard Gray and it was split on performance between audio and video, so the more opinions the better.
I am using a tube amp and headphones for audio and an hd crt (with a PC source) for video if this helps.

My devices aren't a big power drain mind you, but I'm mainly looking for performance increases in terms of filtration and such (and possible extra outlets if the Tice is good enough) and not something that can take on more power.
Thank you for any and all help.
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It is difficult to choose the right device...Filtration implicate introducing new electronics device in the audio grid... The price to pay is the result of a trade-off generally between a certain clarity, a cleanliness that is sometimes too much bleach... Because of that I prefer passive filtering with stones and crystals...But I have a Panamax power conditioner that I use with stones and that help very much to reintroduce some colors trough this artificial window which is a power conditioner very useful to protect against surge of power ...For your precise questions tough I am not competent to answer them...I wish you the best...
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If you have any wall warts or digital power supplies, it's worth putting them outside, on another device.
I would have to clarify the Tice Powerblock III Signature version would be the "C" revision (the last revision; again 15-18 years old, but that doesn't always mean a weak product). I also realize that unfortunately the power cables are built in to this unit.

I do have multiple PS Audio Noise Harvesters as well as Quietlines, Akiko Tuning Sticks, and Electro Clear QRT plug in units at work (all thankfully gained at a discount). Some are placed throughout the house, some I've made essentially a super filtration strip with (they seem to work better with multiple similar units plugged into an old Monster 2100 or 1100 power strip and then that strip plugged into the Furman than the units individually plugged into Furman outlets, it's weird, but I've tested it out in multiple ways). I also have Bybee QSE's a Shakti Stone, and some other non-powered tweaks to help. Every little thing helps a bit, especially given how many things are plugged into the Furman (including a PC/computer which makes the Noise Harvesters act up; they rarely blink when the PC is off). Still if something works better than the Elite, especially at an affordable price, it would only help.

I greatly appreciate the advice on the Power Plant Premier. Some have popped up as low as the $700 range so it was tempting.
I've also wondered about Audio Magic conditioners, especially with their internal silver wiring- seeing as I use power cables with silver conductors I think there would be good synergy there; but I have no clue as to how well they work in terms of filtration and resolution.

Synergistic Research conditioners with enough outlets seem to be out of my price range. I've looked at Shunyata units as well, but again ones with enough outlets seem out of my price range. Most of the other premium brands like Pure Power and Equi=Tech seem to be beyond my price range as well. I already have a Monster 7000 MKII Signature conditioner and MIT and Transparent isolators, so I'm aware of the type of filtration and resolution those manufacturers provide, which is another reason I'm curious about how these other manufacturers' conditioners are since each manufacturer's power products have a certain signature audio and video performance in my experience.
I put Richard Gray in my system and immediately sold it....ruined the sound.  This was a few years ago...maybe its different today, but not for me.
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I agree with Elizabeth regarding PSA's Power Plants, too many stories of breakdowns and repair issues. Things improved for PS Audio's power product's manufacturing quality after that model however. Don't let that one model taint your perception of PS Audio's products. You mentioned video performance as an issue in your considerations. Every system is different and one person's experience is not applicable to every situation. That said, I found that PS Audio's Dectet was a phenomenal performer for my dual purpose video/second audio system. The ten outlets are just what I needed and the Dectet improved both audio and video performance ( I did not plug my power amp into the Dectet however.) A very high value proposition for $500 retail in my experience. 
Here is another option. This video is really impressive.
Thank you for everyone's help so far, I greatly appreciate it.
Elizabeth, a change in outlets is definitely something I plan for the future, thank you for your suggestion. I've actually been wanting to create a thread and ask for an outlet comparison since there seems to be a lot of high end outlets out there (from reasonably priced to the very expensive Synergistic Blue and Furutech NCF outlets) and I've only seen a limited amount of comparisons. I'd like to go all out though and get permanent replacements all at once, so that would cost a good amount and I'll need to save quite a bit for that (18 outlets for all the tech in two different rooms).

That and some fuse changes on the non Furman power products and my broadcast monitor are things I've put on my to do list. In the fuse case, due to the power products and monitor I own having old fuses and three fuses needing replacement now (two dead, one close). I've been wondering about fuse comparisons as well since Synergistic, Hi Fi Tuning, Audio Magic, Audio Horizons, Furutech, and Alan Maher all make premium fuses; though I do not have any experience as to what changes one may expect with a swap since I haven't needed to change fuses on any a/v products until now. There seem to be reasonable deals on HiFi Tuning fuses though (under $40 for their premium silver ones, even less for their models down the line), so that has made me curious. I may try out a single change against a currently good fuse and then see if the price is worth it to buy something other than the generic fuses.

I think I may end up waiting until a Furman IT Reference 20i comes into a good price range used since I'm used to the Furman brand, but I'm still very curious about the other brands. Two Furman References popped up in the past few months at great prices and I waited too long to make a move, so my regret there gave me a bit of an itch on that front.

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Not so fast regarding PS Audio PPP. I bought one used three years ago for I think $800 and it has been working fine while doing a good job, including for 120watt/ch quite high current integrated. But when the wall current is particularly bad the system does sound like junk, still much better than without it or with an inexpensive old Furman that I have. That said, I heard too that newer PS Audio models are better and much more reliable, but more expensive of course.
In any case, you will want good power cord from the wall to regenerator. Elizabeth's Furutech duplexes should help too but again - money money money.
Ditto: xnay on the PPP. I even sent mine back for a flat fee full gut rebuild. Just didn't do the job and the annoying fan kept cycling even when system was not playing. I have tried many, most kill the dynamics. None compare to my Core Power Technology 1800. Said to be available in March

WireWorld just introduced their own which should be worth investigating. 
I have found the Chang Lightspeed CLS 709 power line filter works wonders in my system!

Very clear, detailed, 3D, sonic improvement.

No coils with time lag. Delivers current instantly. Protects equipment from power surges and lightning hits.

Beat my PurePower 1050 regenerator by a mile.

Not expensive....about $1300 from the Cable Company.

Also bought one for home theater and got, clearer video, and much better sound quality.
Thank you again everyone for your advice.
I do have good power cables, so thankfully that is not an issue.
The Wirewold Spaceport is affordable, though not enough outlets for me. I have to deal with a bunch of video equipment along with audio, so 10 outlets on a conditioner minimum fills my needs.
Unfortunately the Chang only has 8 outlets as well, though the X Series H1 has enough (it's in the Furman 20i Reference price range though, so a bit expensive and another saver). The older CLS HT 1000 also has enough and one is on eBay, so I'm going to check out reviews on that (built in power cord though, but that's not a deal breaker).
Unfortunately in my location there aren't any audio dealers that I know of around, so I'm unable to try things out (I know Cable Company has a lending deal, but the 5% deposit is non-refundable).
The last time I talked to the Cable Company, they explained that the 5% is put into your "account" and is applied to your next purchase. Things may have changed. I'd call and ask.
Dweller, you're right the upfront loaner fee does apply to any purchase from the Cable Company or its' affiliates, I thought it was just the product one was testing. Thank you. They don't carry the Furman for me to test, which is a bummer.

I've narrowed my choice down between the Furman IT Reference 20i and the Synergistic Research Power Cell 10 SE. I figure it's best to not get a stop gap conditioner and go for one higher up on the chain.
I'm familiar with both companies' products, which is always nice, the latter comes with a power cord, so I can use my current cord on another component that needs an upgrade, but I'm not sure how the two conditioners compare. I've used SR cables, but not their power products, I'm familiar with Furman's power products though and their effect.
Any advice on this front is greatly appreciated.