Need pictures/info on McIntosh MVS1 and MVS2

I am looking for info/pictures of the MVS1 and MVS2 video switchers for older McIntosh preamps. Can any of you Mac enthusiasts help me out on this one?
Sure do appreciate any help I can get.
I found no pictures but did find the followiong:

Please see

MVS 1 Unit to provide video switch capability to any McIntosh unit with video selector rear panel connector. Sold from 1986-1992. Last retail price $299.00

MVS 2 Sold from 1991-1996-. Last retail price $375.00

MVS 3 Audio/video selector Std/S inputs For CR 10, C 38 and C712. Sold from 1992-. Last retail price $800.00

Please see I suggest you call them for info and pictures.

Please see

Please contact McIntosh Labs and ask them:

I hope this helps. cheers.
please also see for info on MVS1. Please contact McIntosh Labs at