Need phono preamp advice...

Hello -

My relatively new receiver - the Anthem MRX 500 - requires I get a phono preamp if I want to listen to my old records.

I need advice on a decent preamp for under $100 (don't listen to the LPs all that often but often enough and I don't want it too quiet sounding or loud buzzing, etc...just want some decent clarity.

I don't know if the Anthem requires a certain kind of preamp but I know that my turntable - a Technics Quartz Direct Drive Automatic Turntable SL-QD33 - is the magnetic kind as opposed to coil (?) - if that helps!

At first I was going to get the little red one for $50 (Rolls, maybe it's called) but then I read there are some that produce a noticeably improved sound for only about $50 more. I think I remember reading Cambridge Audio has a good well as Zphono and Art Phono Plus (although the latter's excellent reviews might have more to do with the fact that it makes a good digital recording as opposed to just sounding good when listening to a record while you dance around in your underwear, I don't know).

Advice would be most appreciated! Thanks!
I would go for a used Cambridge, NAD or Creek, whatever you can find in your price range.
I just picked up a used Cambridge Audio 640p for $100 + shipping.It sounds fantastic and does both mm and mc. A note if you don't need mc you can definitely pick up a used Cambridge Audio 540p for under a $100 in fact there is one for sale now for $70 here on audiogon. Ebay has the 640p listed at a buy it now price of $120
Thank you both, very much! Another question: I was looking at the Cambridge Audio Azur 551p (which is an improvement on the 540 only in that it has an on/off switch as opposed to continual power...I like this since I don't listen to records all that often). I don't think the 640 has an on-off switch but I also don't need mc - just mm as I don't think I'll ever have that fancy of a record player (Id' rather have on/off switch if I had to choose between that and possible mc someday). Amazon shows it's selling for $139.99 w/ free second-day shipping to me (Prime member) and it looks like it has good reviews. Do you think this would be a good compromise albeit a bit more in price?
Ok I just ordered it from Amazon (can always return it). The problem is Amazon said it was the last one and when they say that it usually means there are none left. They email a few days later to say so, grrrrr... We shall see.

Still hoping for your feedback on this particular model so I can cancel sooner than later if you have some reason to believe it's not the best deal for the price or whatever. Thanks!