Need phono pre amp recommendations

I am looking at getting into Vinyl for the first time and need a phono preamp. My total budget is 1500.00 I know that isn't much

I have a budgeted 700.00 to 900.00 for the pre-amp and 600.00 for the table. I am looking for opinions on both pre and table

I have looked at a older Audio Research SP-14 and SP -9 I can afford the 9 but the 14 is a little past my budget.

I also looked at an older Counterpoint SA-3000 with no mods at EBay but it is also I think a little high of 1000.00 especially with no mods done.

Any comments on these models pro's and cons and any other recommendations that I should be looking at.

The tables I am looking at are Rega P3/24 turntable with Elys 2 cartridge
Technics SL 1200 mk2 or TECHNICS SL-1210M5G

I will be hooking this up to Wolcott tube Mono's

Thanks for any help.
I would look for the PS Audio Phono Pre. They come up from time to time but are usually sold the same day. Another would be the Plinius Jarrah.
personally, i'd spend a few more dollars on the turntable/arm/cartridge and buy a cheaper phono stage (like a pro-ject tube or lehmann at ~3-5 hundred) 1000-1200 your table options really open up (Better rega, clearaudio emotion, linn, nottingham, etc, depends what flavour you want)
You'll be much further ahead IMO.
I should have said I am looking for a pre amp with a phono section already built in. Not a phono pre as I don't have a pre amp in my system now I run my cdp direct.
A Music Reference RM-5 is an option I would look at in your price range if you would consider used components. Typically sell for under $600 but get snatched up fast. The phono stage is quite good, but MM only. You could easily add a step-up for MC for under $300.

The Audio Mirror PP1 MM/MC is another option. A friend of mine bought one for $799 new, but I think the price has gone up since then. Worth investigating though. They come up used as well.
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the earlier models of Audible Illusions modulus have a nice phono section and go cheap - also MM only I believe
Older AR's are great. Consider an SP-6. It has a superb phono stage. The SP-2 has a decent phono stage but it's hard to find one in great condition. I think that the phono stages in older AR's are build amazingly well.
Great recommendations so far.
Do not waste time / money on a beer budget table. I agree that you should at least buy a Rega or Clearaudio TT package and use the rest of your budget on a used preamp.

The SP9 is not my favorite ARC preamp, I have found that it sounds bright with most recordings. I much prefer the SP8 or SP6.
Also, look for a used CJ preamp with phono. CJ preamps from the 80s onwards come with excellent phono stages.
IMO as a former owner, the AI Modulus 3 phono stage is a little less dynamic/punchy than ARC's or CJ's vintage tube preamps, it lacks emotion and PRAT.
Also, an used/old tube preamp will most likely sound better than a new solid state preamp, in the same price range.

I have a Linn LP-12 TT (love it) and have had excellent experiences with Clearaudio and Rega tables.
The Clearaudio Emotion package with a MM cartridge is a glimpse of high-end sound at an affordable price. I have set up one recently for a friend and we were both amazed at its clean, punchy sound. The cartrige's frequency response is very flat. Also, it does not emphasize surface noise.
Champagne on a wine budget IMO.
There's a Conrad Johnson PV10AL with phono for sale in the classifieds that would be a perfect fit. It'll leave you with a healthy budget for TT and cart.
I started out with the clearaudio emotion with a rotel RC1070 pre...this is a great combo that you should easily find for ~1200-1500 (possibly with cart?)
The rotel 1070 is a great SS preamp that has a decent phono in it as well (MM only). The 1082 also has MC but it'd blow your budget...
Thanks for the response so far. I will look at the Clearaudio Emotion package and CJ pre as well as the other mentioned.
Any thoughts on the Denon DP 500M Table with a Ortofon 2M Red cart??

Thanks again.
The Denon is a great value in that price range. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it.
Don't mess with a Technics table. Buy the Rega, and there are several good tube phonostages in that price range - the Bellari 129 and the Project Tube Box SE, to name two. There are any number of solid state phonostages in that price range as well.