Need Phono Amplifier

Can someone please recommend a phono amplifier for connecting my Onkno turntable to my Arcan Solo Mini amplifier (line input)? Obviously, this is not a main system and I prefer not spend $200+ on this device. Radio Shack and Fry's Electronics do not carry phono amplifiers. I am looking for a unit in the range of $25 to $50. Is this possible? Are there any stores in the San Francisco Bay Area that carry inexpensive phono amplifiers?

Of all places - try Sam Ashe. I stumbled onto a reasonably inexpensive unit for the "spare" system. It works (prob. not super-audiophool stuff but for where this gear sits it's OK). And if nothing else it could give you hints of what else might be around.
Here are some options:

From (30-day money back guarantee):
Cambridge Audio 540P ($99):
Musical Fidelity V-LPS ($99):

Both of the above are great value for the money.

From (offering 10% off on all orders):

Esoteric Sounds Rek-O-Kut Profession Phono Preamp II ($69.95):
Bellari VP-29 ($76):

Just make sure you know what type of cartridge you will be using (MM or MC) and that whichever phono pre you go with will be able to support that type of cartridge.

Good luck
Two suggestions:

Art DJ Pre II ($39.95 -w- free shipping @ Amazon).

Musical Fidelity V-LPS ($99.00 -w- free shipping @ Amazon).

I'm currently using, and highly recommend, the V-LPS (gave the Art to my godson).

Guitar Center used to carry the Art (more expensive than Amazon), but I don't know if they still stock it.
All excellent budget recommendations above. If those are still too expensive, there's the Behringer PP400 phono preamp for $24.99 at LP Gear. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and there's only so much performance you'll get out of a $25 phono preamp.
2nd to Behringer PP400. For the money spent to the secondary or garage system it'll do OK job for high out cartridges.
You can also joggle with Samson, Art productl lines that manufacture the similar to Behringer phono preamps.
I would like to thank everyone above that has answered my phono question. These are all great suggestions that I am now reviewing. Audiogon is a great resource. Thanks again..
If you hurry, there's a NAD on auction here right now. It's currently at $43 and change with no reserve, but the auction ends in 1 hour.

The phono sections in NAD receivers have always been (IME and IMO) quite good for the $.

Good Luck.