Need opinions on super tweeters as an add-on

Several different brands from Fostex, Murata,Tonian, Onix ERT, Townshend and others. They cost $350 up to $2500.

Has anyone compared? Is the $350 Onix as good as the big $$ ones? Can one really hear the difference in the end or are all of these very close in the end?


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The Muratas and Townshends, at least come on at 15K Hz and extend to 100K Hz. I heard a demonstration at CES two years ago where they played speaker with and without the Muratas being on. Furthermore they played only the Muratas while most of us were busy discussion what an improvement the Murata had given. Someone said, "Can we hear the Muratas only?" The demonstrator say that we have been hearing them alone. You could hear no music, only an occasional zip, ting, etc. I bought a pair on the spot from a dealer who signed on after the demonstration.

Initially, I used them with Beauhorn Virtuosos that really need extended top end, but I sold the Beauhorns the next year and bought Acapella LaCampanellas which extend out to 30K Hz. One day I thought that I might as well try them with the Acapellas. Their effect was at least the magnitude of using them with the Beauhorns. I will never again be without supertweeters.

Many so called supertweeters come in at much lower frequencies well within human hearing and don't mate well with speakers. I would avoid them. Yes, I know I am implying that supertweeters playing outside what is accepted as the limits of human hearing are best. YMMV.
I think if you have a source and amp that will transmit those very high frequencies it may and only may affect the overall sound. If your system is to warm and rolled off you might want to consider changing your speakers to reflect your apparent preference for a forward treble and sparkle as an old friend used to say. The good thing is that if you cannot hear it and you have a tone generator that goes all the way up the sonic spectrum, you can drive all manner of pesky intruders away. Your dog may go insane so be careful.

I love my current speakers and cannot find a speaker with better body, warmth, power and scale. I just tried the latest speakers from the manufacturer and while they are 8 years newer and thousands more, I much prefer the older model from the same company. That is interesting on its own as newer, "better" technology is not always an improvement in sound.

The ony area the new speaker was better was in its sparkle and air in the upper mids and highs. I found it interesting that the speaker used a ribbon tweeter in addition to the dome.

Since I love my speakers I figured getting a ribbon super tweeter might be an option.

Thus my post.

Grannyring, a ribbon super tweeter is not a ribbon tweeter. I don't understand what you are doing.
Tbg some ribbons are both tweeters and super tweeters, many can cover hi-frequincys and ultra sonics. Super tweeters are best matched to ea loudspeaker. The one super tweeter for all loudspeakers is hit or miss when in real use. Many loudspeakers on the market claim frequincy extention to 20khz but most do so at reduced SPL on axis and off axis greatly reduced SPL. Since many super tweeters are designed to cover arround 15khz-35khz+ or at 25khz-up. With loudspeakers where frequincy is reduced on axis and off before 20khz, do better when added super tweeters running lower in frequincy. This does not mean that added tweeter cant be ultra sonic. I know of a fountek ribbon that can cover 1500khz-40khz at near 102db 8ohm. Many compression tweeters like Fostex t500amk2 also cover hi-frequincy and ultra sonic. A loudspeaker that uses a tweeter than covers some ultra sonic might benifit from a super tweeter with higher crossover. But than again might not benifit as much if at all. I feel extention to 40khz is about all thats needed. But with so many loudspeakers with domes[most all domes are not flat to or past 20khz on axis] or many 2 way designs[tweeter needs to cover upper mid range thus limited hi-frequincy extention] many of these designs since they roll off trebile benifit from adding tweeters with ultrasonic extention. If you own a ribbon loudspeaker or hiquality compression tweeters you will gain little to nothing for frequincys are already reproduced. If you own a 2 way,dome tweeter,fullrange driver,vintage horns, electrostatics super tweeters might be worth a listen and you can DIY a pair.Check out madisound.

My speakers are a three way conventional box with a 1" silk dome tweeter." The silk-dome tweeter is sandwiched, D'Appolito style, between two 5" midrange drivers. Rated frequency response is 33Hz-27kHz, and sensitivity is 90dB at 4 ohms.

You seem to know quite a lot about this topic. I am looking for a little more top end sparkle and air. Of the tweeters above which one,if any, would be the best choice.


Johnk, I been down those paths. The only add on supertweeters that mate well with all speakers are those not coming on until 15K Hz and extending to 100K. THe Reference 3A Grand Veenas are an exception as they already have the Murata supertweeters. I have no good experiences with ribbon tweeters, except for the new folded ribbons which are exceptional. I was merely pointing out to Grannyrinng that he was mixing supertweeters with tweeters.