Need Opinions on EAD TM 8800 Pro

Has anyone heard the new EAD TM 8800 Pro ?
If so, can you tell me your opinions; Pro's and Con's ??
Thanks in advance,

I have not heard the EAD 8800 pro but I do own a EAD signiture that has been updated with the 5.1 analog input. On my model this is done through a "computer" cord with 6 RCA for the 5.1 and two for 2 channel pass throught.
The sound of the EAD unit is fantastic. I ran this unit with a ARC LS-25 (for unity gain HT & straight analog pass throught) for a year or two because I was worried about how it would sound on two channel analog stuff. Well I ended up selling the ARC preamp, I do miss some of the tube sound it had but not enough to feel the need to keep it in the system.
I have barrowed some other processors to try in my system (Bryston's new one, a Parasound 25, a B&K ref 50 a, Proceed AVP and a Lexicon M1 and none sounded as good.
I would like to own the 8800 as from what I understand it has RCA's for the pass throught, which would be nice.
I have recently bought the new EAD TM8800 Pro..

I did own the TM8000 Pro and have compred the two..

Bottom line is the new EAD TM8800 Pro is a substantial improvement over the existing unit (I didn't think this would be possible)..

The set up is even easier than before and the sound is even more natural on music and film..

I have yet to fully explore all the options and optimize all functions, but first impresion is the TM 8800 pro is a significant improvement over the TM 8000 pro..

BTW the unit is being used with EAD PM8300, EAD Theatre vision P, maggie 3.6's/1.6's etc.. and maggie centre as well as EAD's AC Master 8000..

I may use the 8 channel pass through if I change to the DVD Master pro, but am debating on whether to move to this or the Teak Esoteric DV50. Am confused by all the new formats at present and don't know whether to go for SACD or DVD A..

Incidentally, the new TM 8800 Pro had a few weeks delivery waiting list before Christmas as Alpha Digital EAD are apparently struggling to keep up with demand..

Hope this helps.