Need Opinions on center channel speaker....

I am looking for a center channel that will mate well with Innersound Eros MKII Electrostats.
Innersound makes no center speaker offerings, so it is not possible to match, my choices are limited by budget, and I want to get the best speaker that will blend with fronts.
Magnepan offers a center that is cheap, I only know of one member who has the "MGM C" at $300.00 new it is atractive in price but I am worried about its low end roll off of 100HZ, being that it is a planar it seems that it should produce a similar sound for HT, I seldom listen to multi channel audio, I am a firm 2 channel fan.
The member who has this speaker is more into audio than HT as we all are, but I do want to enjoy movies when I choose to watch them, I have also thought perhaps a center with cones and a ribbon center may be a good choice as well, I also would surely benefit from better low end extension, I did watch "league of extraordinary gentlemen" with the center rolled off at 100HZ and didnt really mind it so perhaps I have answered my own question about the roll off issue, so now I am asking if anyone has ideas of a better speaker for $400 or less new or used, this is going to be a birthday gift and that was the budget I was told I could shop within (I am too broke to buy one on my own) hoo yea I know lol.
I have looked into Boehlender Graebener (sp) Z5 ribbon tweeter center, also a Mirage OmniCC1, and various used centers trying to find that ribbon tweeter.
So after I have rambled do you guys think the Maggie MGMc is a good choice or any ideas? please lend a hand here as this is gonna have to be best for the buck decision. I do watch TV with center for casual veiwing and between HBO and DVD I like a good movie once or twice a week.
As always thank you guys for your help and I value all opinions.

This is a little over your budget but will be excellent for Dialogue clarity and power handling and requires some assembly. It also will need to stand upright
CC 200.2, this another very fast center speaker which may be the best timbre match remotely close to your price range. You have $5000 speakers that can play loudly, so a $400 center channel is a tough call. The E-coustics is a kit so it may not be for you but you might find the Elac used.

The ATC active Concept 2 and Concept 4 Center channels also work well but they are 4 times your budget too. So even used they'd be $800-$1000

Best I could do.

PS Maggie is not a match for your Innersounds they simply are too dynamic for the Maggie center to think about keeping up let alone maintaining dialogue clarity when things get busy . One last thought might be an old KEF Reference 200 Center channel. Easily under you budget definitely a used purchase but should be able to spot one on Ebay or the like withouit too long a wait.
The best center is not a center speaker but a 3rd main speaker. Can you find another Innersound?

Thanks Cinematic.....Kr4, I said I was on a tight budget, the Innersound would not fall in that area, plus how do I use a 6ft tall center speaker lol?
1. I do not know the pricing but it's possible that Innersound make other models or you can find a used one.

2. Raise the screen.

3. The MMGc is not a great design. The C3 is much better.

4. Unless your screen is a large box CRT or RP, you might be better off without a center than with a greatly mismatched one.


I've become a firm believer in matching the right, left and center speakers in terms of type and quality. I switched from a cone center to a planar to match my fronts and enjoy the soundtracks more than some of the movies. The speakers seem to disappear on good soundtracks. I would hold off and save up for a center that matches the excellent quality and the type of your fronts - Martin Logan? Also, you can set the center for "small" and this allows your fronts and sub to take over on the bass for center channel information.
thanks for all input
I don't notice at all. I had a Maggie CC3 which matched my fronts, and never really liked it. Big, bulky, and I thought very directional. I did sound good on multi channel music though.

I replaced with a Vandersteen VCC-1 which I loved, and just recently replaced that with a Gallo Due taking space into consideration. Love the Gallo, great on soundtracks et al.

That said, I don't listen to much in multi channel. Watch TV, and listen to soundtracks (obviously) in surround, but most music is in two channel. Room aesthetics (the wife) have dictated that my surround speaker are in the ceiling anyway, so multichannel music has never been a priority anyway, and for soundtracks, the ceiling speakers I have are more than adequete.

Anyway, most dialogue comes though the center, but except for M-channel music, why else does it need to match?? Get what fits, and what you like. The amps I have running each are different anyway, and the center/rears sound much warmer, which I like, anyway.

Get what you like!!

I agree with getting what you like. My main point is that, in my experience, getting the same type and quality makes the sound more cohesive. There's a distinct sound to speakers, especially cones vs planars or electrostatics. The more similar the speakers the more they sound alike. And I think the resulting cohesiveness in tone and dynamics makes for better sound.
Chadnliz's system would probably sound best in HT with 3 Innersounds but that's not very practical or economical, which is of concern for him (them?).
By the way, I added a CC3 (with Magnepan 2.7s) and they work great together for HT. But all 3 need to be out from the walls to sound their best.