Need Opinion on Speaker Repair

I am looking to purchase a pair of Acoustic Energy AE2's from a local person. The seller has indicated that one woofer has been repaired for a torn surround but that the repair tech has tested all 4 to be up to spec after the repair. Has anyone ever repaired a surround and can it be put back to "new" status??

In addition, while the speaker was being repaired, the facility upgraded the caps, wiring, in the crossover to a better quality type. Recommended??

thanks for your opinions.
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I am not a repair expert (but that has never stopped me from expressing an opinion...). I know it is possible to recone speakers and to replace surrounds, and have the speakers test to original spec's. There are even kits that you can buy to replace old or torn surrounds. My concern would be that the damage to the speaker(s) may have been due to abuse, such as playing them so loudly that a lot of distortion was created (by the amp). If that occurred, there could also be damage to the voice coil of the speaker, not just the surround. Having said that, the owner/seller of the AE2's you are considering states that the repair facility tested the speakers. I'd ask to see something in writing from the repair facility, and then call the repair people to verify. If everything is in good working shape, the speakers are certainly worth a serious look and listen. If it were me, however, I'd also want a pretty good deal on the price.
Surrounds should be done in matched pairs, never just one. They will actually be slightly different to each other if you don't.
Experience has told me never to re-surround inefficient drivers. It would be better to just buy 2 new drivers.
Yes, yes, no big mystery. Check out one of the best:
Millersound in doylestown, Pa. He's done several repairs for me.
I agree with with above. Millersound has done some repairs for me as well. He is one of the best & great to work with. GOOD LUCK !
the ae-2's are great speakers but i wouldn't walk away from the pair you're lookin' at. i'd run.
Ive replaced alot of surrounds and they sound like new.As
long as the speakers havent been abused I would consider
them.Good luck.
thanks for the advice so far, any comments on changing the internal wiring to Cardas, the Caps to higher quality and the resitors to Mills?? If the parts used were of the same tolereces what are the odds the sound could be changed to worse than stock?
Why fix it if it ain't broke? I think the x-overs in my AE-2 Signatures are just fine. It would be a real risk to try and change them. If you want to experiment, start from scratch. There are a lot of DIY projects you can find.
Better, worse or just "different" might be how you could describe changing the "guts" on any component. The end result has to be judged personally and in ones' own system. What works great in Bubba's system might really aggravate or highlight some problems in Jethro's set-up. Sean