Need opinion on other tube amps then Jolida to buy

All- I am a relatively new audiophile- old tube amp guy/musician- gear hound

I am considering buying JOLIDA JD202 or JD302 I have Monitor audio RS8's - RMS is 40-175W- I love EL34's but open to other power tubes-

Can you suggest any other tube integrated amps in the Jolida price range I should consider before I buy-

Thank you very much- Barry Menary, Wilmette, IL
Get a used 302B and get someone competent to change out the rectifier diodes, the 1st stage filter caps to Panasonic or Nichicon, 2nd and 3rd stage to Solen or VALAB, then coupling caps to Russian FT-3 0.22uF, then ultimately switch to triode mode (and be careful taping up the transformer wires).
A total of less than $1k investment will get you an absolute world-class tube amp that rivals the absolute best. And believe me, 30W's of good triode power is better than 175W of enriched class AB ultralinear.
A Prima Luna prologue 2 is currently for sale on the gon. This one has Gold Lion re-issue KT-88s in it. I happened to be an EL34 fan as well, but found this tube to have exceptional midrange presence, frequency extension and rich tone without the SS like, bang and sizzle,"hole in the middle" sonic, that some of the 6550s/KT-88s have. The Prima Luna has a very high quality fit and finish and has been well recieved.
I have no affiliation with the seller or Prima Lina.
I will second the Primaluna PL2, also Cayin, Rogue
Go Cayin. Great sound, great value, great service if needed.
Used Cary SLI-80
Hard to beat Quicksilver and CJ for reliable good tube sound. Jallen