Need opinion on Marantz processor

I need to get a new processor to replace my Yamaha DAP-A1 due to its lack of HDMI and blu-ray supports.

I am considering the Marantz AV8003 or the new AV7005. Anyone has experience with these two?
I'll be very interested in the input you receive as I am looking at the the Marantz. I'm having trouble coming up with plan B, except the Integra DHC 80.2. Have you considered that one?
Well, I haven't gotten any response yet. The Integra costs a lot more and I am not that big of a videophile so it is difficult to justify that. The Marantz AV7005 does look promising though. I just don't know what the downside is. I wish some owners can share their experiences so I can make a more informed decision.
just received a 7005; never had Marantz before; hooked it all up, including hdmi from directv sat box; and had a horrible ground loop hum; not there when I had Meridian gear and hd621 switch to handle combined ht and two channel..tried to trouble shoot, keep coming back to Marantz piece; they are going to send me replacement; not yet arrived; so I 'm not sure if problem is Marantz 7005 or sat box...but it looks great....
I've had no ground loop issues with the AV7005 in either of the systems I inserted it into.

Sat boxes are the most likely culprits since they usually have an independent outside ground.

I, too, was debating between the Marantz AV8003 or there newer AV7005 as well as the Integra DHC 40.2. In the end I ended up with the Marantz AV8003...awesome picture and sound quality. I was told by the Marantz tech guy that the AV7005 was introduced more for the entry HT type person (it is 3D capable with HDMI 1.4) and that the AV8003 is a much much better component for both video and sound.
I've had the 8003 for a couple of years now and it is an outstanding performer. I have it paired with the Marantz 8002 blu ray player.
@ Mribob. Have you solved the ground loop hum problem?