Need opinion on cary V12 vs VTL upgrade


I have used my VTL deluxe 300 for 8 this amp, but
wonder if upgrade to a used cary V12 (trade in) will be better or upgrade a transformer for my VTL ($1,000) is a better deal. Anyone experience both amp with the proac ? Need some suggestion>
I dunno, never heard the Cary 12's, but if your gonna dump your VTL see what you get for trade in then call me.

Send an e-mail for my phone number.

The VTL 300 tranny upgrade is a very effective upgrade. I would also suggest doing the coupling caps (infinicaps)at the same time. The Cary is a great sounding amp but it just can't match the drive and grip that the VTLs have. Even the first guy to to reply says he wants to buy your 300s that should tell you something!