Need opinion on Audioquest Anacondas.

I'm pretty new at this high end thing so I need your help. I recently picked up a pair of Audioquest Anacondas. I've had them in my system for about 3 months now. I'm just curious to see what others think of these cables. I would like to see if the sonic characteristics
that I've noticed are the same that others have noticed.
I am using the Anaconda XLRs for both CD-Preamp and Preamp-amp, since I wanted to run all balanced. My selection was the result of listening at various dealers, and a converstation with Richard Vandersteen where he recommended AQ to mate well with his speakers.
While I realize it is better to make the evaluation in my own room with my own equipment, I did not have that option at the time. I wanted something that added nothing to the sound, and I was looking for accuracy.
Since getting them broken in, I believe I have achieved that objective. However, the only direct comparison I have done is with the WireWorld Eclipse 5 (next to the top of their line). The anaconda was easy to pick during blind test 100% of the time due to better bass, clearer highs, and a more natural sound stage.
I am curious to here what "sonic characteristics" you have noticed.
Are you located in the Northern VA area? What equipment are you using them with?
What say Meech, how about your characterization of the Anaconda?