Need New Speakers

I thought I had been very happy with my Spendor S5es powered by a LFD Integrated Zero Mk. III LE and connected using NACA5.

I decided for the heck of it to do a comparison with a pair of Vandersteen 2Ces that were my mother's. These are connected to the LFD with Linn K20 that are in a bi-wired configuration.

I had already tried out the Linn K20 with my Spendors and preferred the single run of NACA5.

At first, I thought I preferred the sound of the Spendors but now I think I prefer the Vandersteens. I assume it may have to do with the Vandersteens being a larger speaker and full range as opposed to the smaller Spendor.

Unfortunately, my wife hates the appearance of the Vandersteens and doesn't want a larger speaker in general. Perhaps the compromise would be to upgrade the S5es to S8es. Or perhaps, I need to consider another speaker brand all together. Being in Orlando, FL I really don't have the luxury of auditioning much of anything. I chose the S5es based on my Naim dealer's recommendation and the numerous reviews.

I definitly would appreciate recommendations.

Thank you!
since you and your wife both like the 5's...going from the 5 to the 8 may be the best of all worlds.
I replaced my 2C's with Green Mountain Callistos and it was a major upgrade. In the same "sound family" of the above speakers, but much more natural sounding. Vanderstseen and GM both pay close attention to time/phase coherence.

My wife is giving me hard time about possibly selling the Callistos. They don;t look like much in photos, but look great in the room.
I'm with Jaybo - get the 8's.
I'll second the GMA suggestion. Used Callistos are an incredible bargain. I'm looking forward to hearing a set of the Eos HD. Jerry is also right that the Callistos look better in person than in the pictures. I'd also bet that it's the time / phase coherence that you're liking.
You have a mother who owns Vandersteens? That must open up some mother-child conversation that isn't open to many of us :-)
Yes, unfortunately she passed away last July so that's why I have them now. :(

Thanks for everyone's input! I think the S8es will probably be the way to go. I'm sure the Callistos are a great speaker but the style is too modern for our decor.
Please look into Proac Studios 140s. Very conservative looking, deep full bass to 25hz, hand made veneers in England, very reasonably priced.
I had the Spendor S5e and went to the S8e before finally settling on the classic SP1/2e Spendor.

The S5e is a heck of a speaker for the size and price but the S8e is just better. The bass is definitely deeper but more importantly to me, the midrange in the S8e was less congested. The S8e is just a bit more effortless. You'd probably be very please with the upgrade to the S8e and would be getting just a slightly larger version of the speaker that has already passed the WAF test.

I doubt your wife would settle for the classic series in terms of appearance. However, that was not an issue for me. I find the classic SP1/2e a bit more natural sounding than the new Spendors. For my type of listening that is a plus. However, in side-by-side comparisons, I think if I primarily listed to pop/rock I'd run with the S8e. It has deeper bass, plays louder and its slightly less forward sound just works better with the fashion for an aggressive sound in most pop/rock music.
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