Need new speakers

One of my KEF 103/2 died a few days back and now I am in search for a new upgrade speaker. I had my NAD receiver, Luxman CD, and KEF since 1992 and was very happy with them. Now have a Jolida 302B integrated tube amp, Rotel RT-1080 tuner, Denon 2200 DVD/CD player. Have a Wharfedale Delta 70 on loaner from friend and it does not agree with me that much.

Have auditioned the Epos M12 (like), KEF 302 (okay). Been reading on Polk LSi-15, Sonus Concertina and Silverline Sonatina.

My living room is smallish: 11 x 18 with oriental carpet. I know my wife won't let me have speakers placed 2 feet away from wall. Don't expect to get subwoofer for a long while.
I like listening to classical, jazz (old and new), old rock. Really like vocals: Nora Jones, Leonard Cohen, James Brown, etc. I don't listen to loud music.

Any suggestions would be apprecited. Oh, budget about US$1000.
the best speaker with the jolida int. is the vandersteen 1c, which can be bought new for eight...used brainer...good listening...
With your choice of music, you should give a serious listen to Quad 12L. They are in your budget too!!
If you can stretch it up to $1300 or so and have a dealer in your area, be sure you hear the Rega R5. It is simply outstanding in this price range.
Based on your budget, music preferences, budget, placement issues,and int. amp, you might be on to something with the silverlines (1k for sonatinas? are they in decent condition? jump on it!).
Thanks for all your suggestions. I am taking each advice and researching each recommendation. Further suggestions are welcome. I am taking my time on this one since this will be the last purchase for a while. Oh, received my Tara Labs Prism 300v cables today. Getting closer.
Green Mountain Audio Europa's at $995.00/pair are an amazing speaker. I replaced a pair Of vintage A/D/S L-1290 floorstanders with this little standmount and never looked back. Do a search here for other's opinions on the Europa's. Good luck.
i use the jolida 502b with meadowlark kestral 2 spkrs. used for your price can be found. read the reviews, many out there. i am amazed at the pure musicality of these little floorstanders. i am biased as an owner but for the $ i think these are classics. caveat on rock n roll.. they will NOT hide poor quality recording with slam and warmth and sizzle, but all your other genres are a perfect fit at modest spl levels. vocals are awesome with this combo!
If I may suggest the Dynaudio Audience series are a great speaker and have recently been discontinued. You can pick up a super pair of speakers I am sure if you shop around. The Audience 72's (a little more than your price) are awesome as well as the Audience 52's.
There are three active speakers listed in the classified sections. I don't think that any passive speaker at this price bracket could surpass them in terms of speed, dynamism and real world sound-print. I would pick one of them, and swap the integrated amp and speaker cable for a good preamp.