Need new speakers

One of my KEF 103/2 died a few days back and now I am in search for a new upgrade speaker. I had my NAD receiver, Luxman CD, and KEF since 1992 and was very happy with them. Now have a Jolida 302B integrated tube amp, Rotel RT-1080 tuner, Denon 2200 DVD/CD player. Have a Wharfedale Delta 70 on loaner from friend and it does not agree with me that much.

Have auditioned the Epos M12 (like), KEF 302 (okay). Been reading on Polk LSi-15, Sonus Concertina and Silverline Sonatina.

My living room is smallish: 11 x 18 with oriental carpet. I know my wife won't let me have speakers placed 2 feet away from wall. Don't expect to get subwoofer for a long while.
I like listening to classical, jazz (old and new), old rock. Really like vocals: Nora Jones, Leonard Cohen, James Brown, etc. I don't listen to loud music.

Any suggestions would be apprecited. Oh, budget about US$1000.

With a tube amp and a WAF to be mitigated, take a look at the offerings from Omega Loudspeakers . These are single driver speakers that are offered in a variety of finishes. They are excellent with tubes and vocal music.

Regards, Rich
Have heard that Polk LSI series of speakers might not be as "tube friendly" as other speakers. Something about they "really like solid state".
I am an ardent advocate for Vandersteen 1Cs because I think they are among the best bargains in speakers today. They have a sophisticated but unfussy sound that makes them suitable for all music. My wife has a pair that plays her favorite vocal and orchestral music very convincingly, and my son has a pair that plays his beloved rap metal favorites quite well too. I think that their greatest strength is their extraordinary balance. They avoid presenting any single outstanding virtue in favor of all around performance. This sort of engineering is a lot harder than it seems but it explains why Vandersteens have been so popular for so long. BTW: I've seen pairs of 1Cs available on A'gon for as little as $300/pair, a fantastic bargain.
Either the orginal Meadowlark Kestrel, the Kestrel II or the Meadowlark Swift would be a great choice. The original Kestrel is a wonderful, small speaker that disappears in a room but is extremely satisfying with all kinds of music. Not everyone likes the look of the Kestrel II or the Swift but they both sound exceptional at their usual used price.
Thanks for all your suggestions. I am taking each advice and researching each recommendation. Further suggestions are welcome. I am taking my time on this one since this will be the last purchase for a while. Oh, received my Tara Labs Prism 300v cables today. Getting closer.
It is now 5 years later and here is my latest update.

3/2007: Purchased a pair of Tyler Acoutics Ref Taylo after reading The 302B and Tylo are awesome pair.

12/2010: Purchased a pair of MIT EXp 1 speaker cables and the sound improved 3x.

12/2010: Purchased a pair of Vandersteen 1C at moment of weakness. Was at Audio Connection at University to audition the Rega Apollo to replace my Denon CDP. I had my Jolida 302B in there to be re-biased and tested (it has been 8 years.) I had the 302B and Rega Apollo playing and was amazed at the higher notes (bright) coming from the combination with the Vandersteens. Then asked to try the Jolida 100A. The 100A sound was more to my liking and they were offered at same price. But it was beyond my budget for two new components on one visit. The Vandersteens went home with me.

Learned to adjust the tweeter level on the Vandersteens to fit our musical 'taste'.

1/2010: Found a local used Jolida 100A (came with 2 spare Sylvania 12AX7 tubes!) On first track of Diana Krall's Live in Paris I knew I had made the right choice.

2/2010: Tube rolling!! My first experience with tube rolling 12AT7 and 12AX7 on the 302B. Thanks AzTube for the vintage NOS Sylvania tubes! Now I am sitting in front of the speakers 4-5 hours a day. Forget the TV! Can't wait until I get NOS EL37 for the 302B. I need to find someone locally who can test the spare Sylvania 5731 that came with the 100A...would like to swap out the stock tubes in 100A with the Sylvania NOS (if they are matched).

2/2010: My new IC came from Stewart Prior of Sound Silver Cables. This pair of silver cables are for the Jolida 302B to 100A. The instant the CD came on it was like the volume went up 300%. Right now I am listening to John O'Dette playing lute and orpharion and you can hear subtle background noise like someone moving, arm rubbing against the lute, breathing, and shuffling feet. These were not present when I was using the Tara Labs Prism. Thank you Stewart for this amazing pair of silver cables!

Next upgrade??? New PS cable for both 302B and 100A. Then in a couple years maybe upgrade the capacitors and resistors in the 302B.

Thank you all for the enriching journey. Each step of the way I learn to appreciate music more.