Need New Speaker Cables to Replace my Nordost SPM's

Any thoughts on Cables.  I currently have Nordost SPM's That I purchased new years ago.  Using B&W N802 speakers.  So I need Bi-Wired.

Budget is 3K Used.
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How many ft?  Gauge is important when choosing cables.

"Gauge is important when choosing cables."

It is, but unless you have a very low budget or DIY, it's really a non issue.

Synergistic Signature 10

Purist Aqueous Aureus

Kimber 3033

Furutech Reference III Biwire 


Did you like the Nordost sonic signature? What qualities or characteristics are you looking for; neutral, lively, or laid-back, or warm? Cables do sound different.

Good list by mgreen, but it covers a wide range...Purist is laid-back, deep imaging, and perfect for bright speakers. MIT is neutral, very dynamic, and true reproduction of recordings.
You can always use jumpers and not bi-wire. If you like Nordost, you may want to just move up the Nordost product line
I agree with the prior post by jperry .... +1.... nailed it!

(1) All cables have their own sonic signature, so you either like the NORDOSTs ... or not.
And there is a definitive improvement in performance as you move up their product line.

(2) I personally followed Nordost’s suggestion to use shotgunned (emphasis added on the "shotgunned") single run speaker cables and matched shotgunned jumpers in my biwire capable speakers. This speaker cable array bested a bevy of bi-wired array in my system, including a NORDOST array itself. I eventually settled on an all FREY shotgunned/jumper speaker cable array based on my matrix trade-off of performance versus price.
(3) I would definitely suggest the matched NORDOST ICs to their model speaker cables. One with out the other will degrade or limit their respective performance capabilities based on my personal extensive swap-in / swap-out bake offs in my own system that mirrored the same experience at my dealer.


Thanks akg_ca. I use Nordost cables as well and agree that there is distinct improvement as you move up the product line. This is easy to hear at a Nordost cable demonstration. My experience is also that one set of more expensive cables and jumpers will outperform two sets of less expensive cables.

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Jim Perry
I found that a single run with the "Nordost" diagnal jumper method provided best results. Shotgun may be even better but expensive, I was using Cardas at the time.
Jperry is right just move up to their next level of Nordost.i can suggest clear cables, I used them with my heimdall 2 Biwire for my Diapason Adamantes, result is amazingly good...the clear day is on bass the H2 on the high...they match well....
I used the jumper of Nordost the $160. I prefer the clear day jumper.The clear day speaker cables is way better than any of the jumper above...

I need 2.5 Meters.  Using a Sim Moon W-5