Need new Pre Amp for NAD 2200 PE

I have used the NAD 3120 as a Pre but it is now showing it's age. Right Channel is breaking up and I think it damaged my Vandersteen 1c's. Any rec's on what to replace my 3120?? I have a CAl Audio Labs DX-1 CD with no volue control. Replacing both units with an itegrated is also a possibility.
Any comments would be appreciated.

I have been through the preamp maze over the years, and my strong recommendation is that you go passive if at all possible. Virtually all under $2K active line stages negative impact the sound - but even most cheap passives do not. How many source components are you running? If just CD, you can go with the Axiom Passive (I think there is one currently for sale here at AG for about 100 bucks, great stuff!). If more inputs needed, find yourself a used McCormack - which are excellent and can be had for around $300, which is what I'm running now, and am thrilled with. Antique Sound also makes a good inexpensive passive - the good news is there are plenty to choose from right now. Trust me, the clarity and openness will thrill you! Good luck!
James, thank you very much for the advice. I've kind of been out of the stereo equipment thing for a while (kids) but plan on upgrading my system and know at least now in what direction to go. I'll look into the pieces you mentioned. By the way, yes, I only run a CD source.