need new ic's

Looking to replace my 15 year old Monster ic's. Trying to stay under $200, new or used. Marantz source, B&K pre/amp, Paradigm speakers. Thanks for your suggestions. Also thanks for the info I recieved on power cords.
I really like the lower end Harmonic Technology cables. Precision Link is in your price range. Also a lot of people really like Kimber Hero. I have owned both and in my system, and that's important to remember, the Harmonic Tech were much better. Another reccomendatio9n is the Audio Metallurgy cables that are sold here on AudiogoN. No reserve auctions which usually never go beyond your budget.
Audio Art IC-3 is good place to start...Will be a huge change from the Monsters...Much more detail and more open Soundstage.......Very good I/c for a small amount of coin..
I second the Audio Art IC-3.
Grover Huffman (used),Parts-Connection/MAS silver IC,Mapleshade/Omega Mikro clearance sale (-60%).
Kimber Hero used.
Kimber Kable Hero!! They were my intro to the Kimber line, and all have been excellent since. I'm using their KS-1130's now. The Hero is a VERY popular cable. If you don't like it, you won't have any trouble getting your $$ back via re-sale. (