need new amp

I'm bummed out. My tube amp keeps f'n up, popping rectifiers and power tubes.When I plug my Marsh amp in everything works fine, but isn't as satisfying. If anyone has recommendations on a new or used tube amp that would match well with my other components, let me know. Any help would be appreciated.My other components are:

Tri TRV-4SE preamp with old Siemens 12at7's and old Mullard GZ34'
Theta Progeny DAC and Pearl Transport
MusicHall mmf-7 TTable, Lehmann black Cube phono stage
Silverline Sonata speakers
Spelts Anti-cables and speaker wires

When my amp isn't blowing fuses it blows me away how beautiful it sounds. I can't afford much more than a couple thousand and want another tube amp, cuz that's where the beauty lives. Suggestions?
Used amps on the GoN:

VTL 85
Audio Research VS55, VS110
McIntosh 275
Conrad Johnson MV70, MV50
get it fixed
Primaluna single/monos,CJ 11a/70lp,possibly the Jadis Defy 7.
What brand/model amp do you have?

I had a similar situation that went on for several months. It was totally frustrating and made me consider giving up tubes, but an electrician and I discovered the root of the problem was loose (old) sockets. If an amp is on and a power tube loses contact, it wrecks havoc on resistors, caps, neighboring tubes, etc. Blowing tubes isn't normal. If you like the way your amp sounds, have a technician look at it. Find someone in your area that knows tubes. It could be something as simple as resistors and sockets.

Best of luck!