Need Music Player Consultant In Chicago/Milw Area

I am in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. I need a consultant to help set up a music server and I am willing to pay a fair price for the service.

This would be for a two channel audio system.
This would require real experience with JRiver and Gizmo software for a PC server and an Ipad remote.

Beyond standard formats (FLAC, WAV, etc.), I need support for setting up DSD, WASAPI, ASIO 2.2, FLAC, WAV and other hi rez files and standards. My DAC can handle all of these formats and standards.

Related to this, I also need someone to help rip over 1000 CDs to the above system. Again, I am willing to pay a fair price for this service.

Any suggestions or contact information would be much appreciated! Please respond directly to my user name if possible. Thanks!
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