Need more volume control for desktop system

I set up a desktop system consisting of:

TEAC AI-501DA Integrated Amp - 30w into 8 ohm.
Audience The One Speakers - 84 dB. 8 ohm.

The sound is wonderfully musical and cohesive for such a nearfield system (literally 2 feet from me). But here’s my problem. Well, two actually:

1. The sound becomes too loud for background listening almost as soon as turn the dial up from -60 dB (basically mute). I want to have more volume range for low-level listening. I thought matching a smallish power output of 30 watts with a relatively inefficient speaker (84dB) would help me achieve this. But no. Is there a way to get more volume attenuation at lower sound levels, besides buying a bigger desk and moving the speakers farther away?

2. When I do turn the volume up from mute, I get more right channel sound than left. This is also evidenced by the power meters on the integrated amp (which look quite cool, BTW). It equalizes at about -38 DB on the volume dial. Is this normal, or a fault of the amp? I had another system that did the same thing, but at volumes too low to care.

As FYI, here is an image of the amp. It gets too loud for quiet listening as soon as I turn the volume from -60 to -43 dB, which is just one step on the dial.
Any suggestions? Or is this just an unfortunate mismatch of amp and speakers?

With more of us listening to desktop systems, I am interested to hear how others have set up their systems for best sound.
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I have the Benchmark DAC2 HGC + Parasound Halo A23 amp + KEF LS50's speakers on my desktop for near-field listening. My DAC has a very good volume control that can lower the sound very nicely. My amp has a output level control for each channel and I have it set to "11" since it is hard to set both channels to the same value (when less than max).

The Benchmark DAC2 is a digital preamp/DAC with 2 analog inputs (I have a FM tuner connect to the analog). The DAC2 is exceptional for my computer based office system.