Need more soundstage depth with Spacedeck and Ono

I've just gotten back into analog with a Nottingham Spacedeck with Spacearm and a Benz L2 cartridge.I'm using a Pass Labs Aleph Ono phono stage and Pass Aleph 2 monoblocks with a Pass Aleph P preamp with Cardas Golden Reference balanced and RCA cables and Audio Physics Virgo II speakers. Everything is broken in now and the turntable has been set up properly by my Nottingham dealer and I've readjusted the loading and capacitance with no luck in the soundstage department. The soundstage is wide but very forward and shallow. The sound and detail is fine but doesn't compete with my CD player. I'm using a Naim CD5 with the HiCap and the sound simply blows away the analog. The pinpoint imaging and three-dimensional deep soundstage along with the disappearing act with the speakers is phenomenal. Even my Magnum Dynalab 101 tuner makes a huge difference in a deep soundstage over the analog. With the analog the speakers no longer disappear and it leaves me wondering what is leading to this. Any advice would help alot. Thanks
I suspect your problem may be in set up, I'm not reassured that you you think your dealer set it up properly. If you have the equipment necessary I would check out the set up parameters. Pay attention to VTA, something which is often overlooked due to the difficulty of establishing it. Proper VTA for each disc you play is a magical thing, especially if you have a line stulus. Have you allowed for the differences between disc thicknesses? Does the Spacearm allow for VTA adjustments on the fly? Loading will affect tonality but wont't help with spacial issues like DOI (not caused by HF roll off). But, FWIW CD's do that imaging trick quite well, and with no effort on your part - thats one of its great attributes.
I agree w/Newbee that something isn't right. As a Spacedeck/Spacearm owner, I'm confident that the table can certainly do much better than you're getting.
Setup parameters are key, but the Spacedeck/arm isn't the trickiest to setup according to many who setup tables regularly. Nontheless, something needs to be corrected.
For starters, what is your spindle to pivot distance? This has to be correct before you even bother with VTF & VTA. If it wasn't adjusted correctly, everything else might not matter.
Rather than trying to delve into how to check setup parameters, I'd suggest calling your dealer, and asking them to come back and adjust your table setup. If you buy from a dealer, you should demand that kind of service. Otherwise, you might as well be buying used gear. If you don't get satisfaction from the dealer, between the archives and a new thread asking for setup help, you'll be fine. This article is also a keeper...
It may also depend upon the type of music you're listening to on CD v. vinyl. I have had an identical experience regarding soundstage and imaging when comparing 70s LPs to remastered CD versions. Try a newer LP or try comparing an LP and CD that were pressed from the same master.
I have the exact analog front end as you. I assure you something is amiss and it should wipe the floor with your Naim cdp.

I agree with Spencer. Give the dealer another shot at making it sound right. Let him hear the difference in your digital and vinyl rigs and surely he will know where to begin. If after this you are still not happy with the sound, enlist the help of a local vinyl junkie in your area for assistance. Just because a dealer sells 'tables does not neccessarily mean he is proficient in the set up arena.

If you don't have any audio buddies who spin rekkids, post a thread here and at AA asking for anyone who might live near you who is willing to help. If you get any interested parties, buy them a nice dinner and a round or two of their favorite beverage (preferrably after tinkering with your rig).

Ultimately, you will need to learn how to do all of this yourself. But for now you should just concentrate on correcting what's wrong, because it should sound so much better than you describe.

Good luck,