need more power ?

Hi, need advice, running my von schweikert vr3s with forte model 5 100 watts per.The sound is very nice, sweet highs very ture sounding mids with many types of music,problem is the bass.I need a power amp with real power, fast dynamics and transient.Rest of my system audio research ls3 pre amp, msb dac with power base sf transport and straightwire rapsody interconnects and speaker cables.Looking to spend around 2000.00 used.Your suggestions would be appreciated. PS yes I have already tried speaker placement in room. Thanks maxwell
sell the forte & try a older krell class a amp like the ksa 150 or ksa 250,both of these amps will put a strangle hold on the vr3s & produce loads of bass.

both amps are within your budget.

how about checking out the Rotel RB1080. It can be had for about $750 on this site. It puts out 200 watts at 8 ohms. According to a Stereophile review, with one channel being driven. It puts out 590 watts at 4ohms and 800 at 2ohms. That is alot of power for the money.