Need more plugs

I am in need of more electrical outlets for my system. I have a Panamax for my tv, front end etc, but what I need is something to run from the electrical outlet to my mono amps. Something with 2 outlets that won't limit power/current. My line is a dedicated one, but it consists of just a standard outlet (ie 2 outlets), and I don't want to run the amps through the Panamax, even though it can probably handle it. Looking at the shunyata hydra 2, but not sure about these things.
More dedicated lines, including a whole house surge suppressor, will likely run considerably less than high end power products. Worth a thought, if installation feasible.

Ridge street Audio "Bloom Box" ... ( pictured on website ) I use one and love it.....I had a 6' Poeima "Hard wired" power cord attatched....Quality piece from Robert @ RSA
^Thanks. I'm limited for adding more plugs (I put this one in the floor)....but will talk with a different electrician.
If your wiring is 10 gauge, one dedicated line will be fine. If you have 14 gauge, don't do it. Don't use any ac filtering on amps or at least powerful amps. I would recommend the Weizhi PS6 plugin box. It is expensive but is quite good.