Need more outlets

I only have one accessible outlet. Can anyone recommend a quality power strip?

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I've been pleased with this Hammond power strip.

-- Al
I use the NAIM power strip and it works awesome!
I use a Furutec etp80. Its made very well and it doesn't do any damage. Its very hard to tell its even in the system. The 60 may work for you as well. Cable Company sells them.
I use these, gets my highest recommendation.

Triplite LCR2400

Good Listening

I use the Wiremold outlets which are recommended for Naim gear.
I should add to my previous post that in addition to the Hammond power strip I referred to, which is basically an outlet multiplier, I use this BrickWall surge suppressor/line filter. The eight outlets on the BrickWall are not sufficient for my system, so I use the power strip in series with one of those outlets.

-- Al
The PS Audio Dectet is a no nonsense power bar with an IEC connector - so YOU get to choose the power cable you want to use

Many power bars have fixed cable that makes upgrading less attractive
Thank you for the replies thus far. My big concern is not to purchase something that will choke off/ bottleneck the overall sound quality.
My big concern is not to purchase something that will choke off/ bottleneck the overall sound quality.

Well - Furutech is one of the few companies that has a line of unfiltered distribution bars

Pricey - but extremely good

Take a look at

I made my own for much less, but I would not recommend this unless you are a serious hobbyist or in the electrical field.
The Furutech e-t60 looks like something that would work well for me, however they are pricey as williewonka suggested. Any others that would fit my needs but perhaps at a lower price point?
The BrickWall surge suppressor/line filter I mentioned earlier is used by a number of A'gon members, and I don't recall ever seeing any complaints about it choking off dynamics, if that is your main concern. It certainly doesn't seem to do that in my system. Although my amplifier is class A and therefore draws essentially constant current regardless of the dynamics of the music, so results with class AB or class D amplifiers could conceivably differ. It costs $259.

If you want a power strip that is purely a power strip, though, and does nothing to the AC beyond routing it to multiple outlets and providing a switch, why not try the $38 Hammond model I linked to earlier? It doesn't have the Furutech's fancy contact platings, cryogenic and demagnetized conductors, emi absorbent coating, etc., but who knows what if any benefit those features would provide in a specific system anyway.

-- Al
Try the Furman VT-EXT - a simple power bar with an iec connector so you can upgrade its power cord

Cost around $60 - built for distribution in racks

Take a look at their other products

Furman is a power supply company so the outlets should be pretty good

But it ain't no Furutech
Also the Furman d10-pfp a rack mount version

This one on ebay for $50
You can also call an electrician. It was cheaper than I expected to turn a single outlet to 8 and I used the high quality outlets that I wanted....
I just got a Blue Circle 2x PLC Thingee that doesn't seem to stifle the AC at all. Comparisons to my BrickWall surge protector reveals a slight compression on the soundstage along with some diminishment as well with the Brickwall. The Thingee just seems to clean up what I didn't know was there until it was gone. I can't detect any differnce running my SACD player through it or when directly connected to the wall, save for the cleaner presentation.

Everyones system is different so YMMV. I've used the Thingee only on my SACD player and will connect everything else to it this weekend. I'm told it runs parallel to the AC and won't affect the sound at all and just cleans it and that it can handle all my equipment as well (this model has 6 outlets).

I didn't think it would sound this good but I was wrong. I'll report back this weekend with some more observations.

All the best,
Musicrover, get a Weizhi PRS-6. This will give you clean power without limiting current. I have 2, 1 for my mono amps and other for pre and digital.

I've had my share of power conditioners and this is the 1st one that doesn't alter natural tone of my components and provide clean power.
Interesting, Nonoise. But at this early point in your experiments I don't think that the differences you heard should necessarily be attributed to inherent differences between the two line filters themselves.

Keep in mind that what you've done changes up to FIVE variables at once. In addition to changing the AC line filtering that is being provided for the SACD player, you've probably changed four other things:

1)Digital (or other) noise fed back into its power cord by the SACD player was previously subjected to no filtering before reaching whatever other component may have been plugged into the other of the two outlets in the same duplex pair on the BrickWAll (assuming there was another component plugged into the same duplex pair on the BrickWall as the SACD player). Now, instead of no filtering between the SACD player and that other component there is filtering between them being provided by BOTH the BrickWall and the Thingee.

2)Previously digital (or other) noise fed back into its power cord by the SACD player was filtered just by the BrickWall before reaching the power cords of components plugged into other duplex outlet pairs on the BrickWall. Now noise coupling via those paths is filtered by BOTH the BrickWall and the Thingee. And the filtering of this noise that is being contributed by the BrickWall is probably more stringent in the new arrangement than previously (since the relevant pathway now includes the path between duplex outlets on the BrickWall and the AC outlet on the wall, rather than just between duplex outlets on the BrickWall).

3)Same as number 1, except in the reverse direction, i.e., you've added filtering of noise coupled from that other component TO the SACD player.

4)Same as number 2, except in the reverse direction, i.e., you've increased filtering of noise coupled from other components TO the SACD player.

So pending further experimentation I don't think a conclusion can be drawn as to whether the differences you've perceived should be attributed to inherent differences between the two line filters, or to one or more of those other four variables.

As I've said in a number of past threads dealing with other matters, in audio it can often be very difficult to assure that a perceived sonic difference is being attributed to the correct variable.

Best regards,
-- Al
Kng, you probably didn't see a post earlier in the thread where the OP indicated he was reluctant to invest the cost of a Furutech e-TP60, which is less than $400. The PRS-6 appears to cost around $3200 if bought new.

-- Al
Al, thanks, again for your valuable insight. Looks like I'm going to be trying more combinations than originally intended. I've got my work cut out for me this weekend. :-)

All the best,
Try the WyWires/Daedalus 8 outlet box called the Power Broker. Couple of recent reviews in Positive Feedback and Part Time Audiophile. Comes in either Walnut or Maple.
Details details ... Yep, didn't read all the posts, Al :-)
Alexs, as an owner of Daedalus speakers I don't doubt that the Power Broker is well designed and beautifully crafted. However its $2499 price ($3899 with the higher cost power cord option) is many times what the OP wants to spend. See his post dated 8-22-13.

-- Al
Just as an update and not my final say on the Blue Circle PLC Thingee I'd like to state that I really, really like what I'm hearing. Everything I have ( Marantz PM-15S2b and 15S2b SACD player, OPPO blu ray player, NAD tuner, Samsung Plasma TV and TWC cable box) are plugged into it and it all sounds rather fine, even better than before.

I know it's considered verbotten to put everything on just one outlet but so far there are no downsides I can hear. However the capacitors in the Thingee cleans things up is beyond me but the results are a cleaner presentation, deeper soundstage (due to the notes having that super clean aspect), and overall more revealing presentation. There's a track on Quadro Nuevo's Mocca Flor titled Sultana where a small metal drum marks time for most of the piece (left of center, towards the back). What I never heard was how much earlier it starts to mark time, how softly it begins. :-)---big time.

The most interesting thing is that I now have to attenuate the volume a full 3db as my previous setting is now much too loud for my tastes. I don't need the extra volume as I'm hearing so much more along with the greater dynamics that are coming through. This is making me wonder if I shouldn't have ordered that 10 AWG Cullen Red Copper PC as the TTG 14AWG PC seems to be doing the trick.

I can't draw any conclusions on the TV picture until I plop in "Mud" tonight and will post again with what I see. That, and after what Al mentioned, I have more permutations to go through. After a few days of leaving it at is, I'll have the new PC to try and then piggyback the BrickWall as well. Nothing like having to pick and choose which better setup to use. :-)

All the best,
One thing I neglected to mention was that after posting the above, I sat back down for some more serious listening and realized the AC was running. Before now, I could never really listen with it on as it's just 6' to my right and drowns out everything needed to seriously enjoy the music. Even on its lowest setting, it interferes enough with the sound so as to be a distraction. If anyone were to observe me turning it off and on, in the heat, just to hear some good music, they'd think me mad. It's not on the same breaker as my rig yet I'm getting such better sound that I simply overlooked it.

There's something special going on here with this Thingee.

All the best,
Anyone tried one of the Cullen Cable Gold Series Power Strips?. 219 plus shipping. Comments.
I just received the Red Copper series shortly after my last post. If the power strip is made to the same standards as this cord, I'd look into it. Patrick Cullen has been around long enough to know his way around cables and for what he charges, it's a no brainer.

I'm still loving my Blue Circle Thingee but if all you want is a power strip that is nothing more than an extension of your wall outlet, I'd look into it.

All the best,
Now that I've had it in my system for a few days (!) the Blue Circle 2x PLC Thingee is thingeeing along just fine. The blu-ray transfer of "Mud" is top notch to begin with but the picture just seems to pop a bit more. Even regular cable TV with all its different hues of standards seems better so I'll leave it as is for a week or so and then bypass the Thingee and plug it back into the BrickWall to see if there's any noticeable degradation.

I've only had a few days to get used to the Thingee on its own when the Cullen Cable Red Cooper PC arrived. It's an extremely well made 10AWG PC that I used instead of the supplied, generic PC that came with the Thingee. What I hear on my favorite CDs is more bloom, depth and detail on the bottom end, an overall easier to hear presentation and some really beautiful highs that can shimmer, tingle and decay nicely.

Piano now has that glass like quality with the upper registers and that slight, initital metallic effect of the notes hitting the strings blending with the notes themselves and the soundboard. I heard it with just the Thingee and can't really attribute it to the Cullen PC but the combo is like a blessing: they were made for each other.

I know, I'm just imagining all of this so just humor me and get a PLC Thingee and when you need a good PC, check out Cullen Cables offerings.

All the best,
Update: I ordered the Power box from Cullen. It really looks well built. 245.00 shipped. I do have one of his power cords that I use from a few years ago. It is well built as well. As an FYI, I emailed Blue Circle Audio and did not receive a response so money spent elsewhere.
Too bad Blue Circle didn't respond as they make a great Thingee. :-)
I got a response from them the next day. They must have been busy.
Patrick's Power Box should do nicely.

All the best,
I am also in need of an a power strip. Looks like the Cullen is exactly what I need. Cool!
Received my power box from Culllen. It is just what I wanted, Works very well in my system. Thanks for all the input.