need more inputs & outputs to run tape machines

Hi Everyone,I am looking for some kind of switcher box so I can run 15 or 20 tape recorders from my McIntosh 6800 int. amp which has only 3 inputs & 3 outputs for tape recorders.Right now I am using a few radio shack tape recorder switcher boxes,but there must be a better way to do this ?
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I think you should check pro-audio sites and stores for a mixing-type console. 
swampwalker has the right idea.

I wonder though if it would make sense for you to all-our on a 16-20 channel mixer (mackie makes some great ones) unless you think that you'd benefit from adjustable level, gain and EQ per channel.

One thing I think I would consider is making my own.  If I understand your ultimate setup, you'd have 20 stereo inputs and 20 stereo outputs on the tape side but only a single input and single output on the source side. In other words, all 40 I/Os would be wired in parallel.

Theoretically you could build one pretty easily (project enclosures are easy to come by as well as all necessary parts) and I think I would forego any switching capability to simplify the build - Of course that means that all inputs and outputs would be active all the time, which might be handy for you.

It's interesting that you're looking for such a solution since I don't think I've ever heard of anyone needing to do this (unless you're in the tape duplication business) which would explain why there isn't an obvious off the shelf solution

Good luck

Hi Greg,Thanks for your help,that is exactly what i am looking for ,something passive with no controls.I am not very good with solder iron & was hoping there was something out there like this,so i could keep my tape recorder collection hooked all the time,maybe something even with 20 inuts & 20 outputs with a button to select 1-20 for each recorder.Maybe someone would want to build me one & i would of course pay them to make it.
Here is an 8 way switch.


Thanks for the link Eric,that is what I need,but also need the outputs,maybe I could buy 2 & use one for inputs & one for outputs,seems like that would work ?
I don't think 2 of those would work the way you're suggesting as one box would have 8inputs and one output and the other one you would set up with 8 outputs and one input - i don't that that gets you where you need to be.

As far as the professional mixing consoles go, that would absolutely give you all the functionality and routing options you need, but unfortunately all of them are either XLR or 1/4 inch TRS connections and I assume that all of your gear is RCA?  I suppose that you could get a bunch of RCA to 1/4" adapters, but that would feel a bit hacky.

Personally I would go the DIY route since it's such a special application and forego switching (as I suggested earlier) since it would add to the complexity, cost and probably degrade sound as well.

I suggest putting together a parts list and contracting someone to put it together for you - I would estimate that you could probably get something parts and labor put together for under $1K without much difficulty.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you come up with.


To the OP, what are you doing?  Why would anyone want to connect 15 or 20 tape decks to a consumer class integrated amp?  Please explain.
onhwy61, I have a collection of reel to reel tape recorders & want to be able to use any one when desired.I have been collecting them for over 45 years.
I have similar issue as the OP.  I am considering the use of Y cables to split the signal, but I am concerned about the effect that may have on the quality of the signal.  The switch box one post links to is probably no better than the old Rat Shack boxes (I use one currently).  I am also thinking of using an old receiver with multiple tape loops as a (very large) input switcher.  Again, though, the concern is signal degradation.

FWIW, Morrow offers Y cables at many price points that might work.  I may go that route myself.  
Your amp has three full tape loops.  Why not use long interconnects and have 3 tape decks hooked up at a time?  When you want to switch to a different deck simply switch the cables at the tape deck end.

Alternatively, you could use a Niles or Sony tape deck switcher.  Each allows you to hook up 3 tape decks to a single tape loop.  If you got three of them you could have 9 tape decks simultaneously connected.

Good luck!
onhwy61, Yes that is what I am doing now with the Radio Shack switchers,i like them better than the sony & are easier to use.This works just fine but was just hoping to find something in one box that could handle more than 9 recorders.