Need more inputs in preamp, what to use?

I am out of imputs in my preamp. Is there a switch box or some such that I could use to add more? I am adding a DAC and computer server.
Looking for a high quality version of course.
Manley Slip jack
Cant find any info on the Manley. Google came up with manley labs, but that doesnt look corect.
I wonder if you could get another preamp?
Manley Labs makes the Skip Jack. And i agree that is a decent choice.
However, take your other digital stuff and put that through the new DAC. So you need a DAC that has enough digital inputs. THEN you have enough space in you pre, as you have taken out the former digital and added the new DAC.
I have a pile of CD players, all go through my DAC.
My DAC is a Benchmark DAC1 USB. Just got it yesterday. The Krell KCT has a: CD player, tuner, phono, tape, DirecTV & a VCR/DVD combo attached. I am flush outa' inputs except for 2ea CAST which I can't use.
I can run the Sony 333es through the DAC but then no SACD's.
Any more ideas? I am very open minded...
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I found Kramer Electronics. Anyone have any experience with their boxes?
Decware is a good choice for more then reasonable price, IMO...
I'd play some discs through your Benchmark before deciding that you need to keep the the Sony hooked up just for its playback of SACD. It is possible that Redbook playback through your Benchmark will be good enough or superior to the Sony decoding SACD on its own, despite the data density difference. If there are titles on single layer SACD that you need to hear, then this option would, of course, be moot.
I would look at DBX 200 and 400 route selector. They are usually easily found on ebay. Good luck.
How about Goldpoint?