Need more headroom

I'm listening to a 5ox/ch amp driving Vandersteens in a small room.I've been happy but lately there has been writings on the forum about having enough power and it got me thinking. Christmas is coming a I figure if I got a pair of Wyred fr Sound SX-1000 monoblocks and a pair of used LaScalas I should be set, right? I realize I won't be able to get runway sound pressure levels, maybe just 130 db or until the speakers catch fire, what are your thoughts?
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Are you seriously trying to get 130 dB?

If so quit the hobby and buy pro gear. Yes, too much power is almost enough, I run 93 dB efficient speakers on 400 WPC and almost upgraded to 600 WPC mono's (my christmas present) but decided I was already packing enough power for my speakers.....

Do you need the 570 WPC the WFS amps will deliver to your 90+ dB efficient Klipsch speakers? Hell no and hell yes in the same breath!!! You never regret having too much power......

I own (5)Murano amps with the same B&O module as the WFS amps.
These amps simply don't sound good with high efficiency speakers like Klipsch.
If you're set on this matchup, I'd suggest strongly you audition first.
Is there any consideration for sound quality(what type of music?)or is sheer high volume level the main objective?
High power and sensitive speakers can allow music to flow with a lack of compression that is seductive. Even at reasonable volumes. You wont' go back!

My room: 11' x 17' x 8'
Speakers: 98dB sensitivity
Power amplifier: 775 wpc