Need more Gigs on Yamaha MCX-1000

I want to upgrade the hard drive in my puny little Yamaha MCX-1000 80 Gigs to 300, 400, or even 500 Gigs, but I want to do it myself. I can pick-up a 300 Gig hard drive that matches the Seagate Barracuda 80 gig'r for under $100 & the 400 Gig drive for under $200. The 500 Gig should be available this summer. Can I do this without running out to my Yamaha Dealer to load an operating system on the drive?
Now I'm Hung-Up. No 300 CDs at stored at CD quality. Seagate responded quickly to my email and here is the quote.
"We apologize, we offer no replacements for drives ending in ACE. The ACE
suffix representents a Consumer Electronics model drive which is not
intended for use in a computer.

Your drive is coded to have restrictive passwords in the chip sets that
communicate with the system controller chip set, a computer drive would
not have the necessary codes to be formatted or even recognized.

The ACE models are sold by contract to Home Entertainment device
manufacturers for use in MP3 players, recorders, PVR systems and other
Consumer Electronics applications. These drives are manufactured to the
specifications of the device manufacturers and are sold in volume
purchases of $2.5 million US.

The ACE models are not sold in the open market and are not available to
the public. You will need to contact the manufacturer of your product."
A bit-by-bit copy that most any computer geek can perfrom can move the data to as big as a 500GB drive but the Yamaha has no idea the drive is bigger than 80GB. The only way I could move the existing data from the MusicCAST 80GB drive was to use Yamaha's proprietary tools. Send me your drives and I'll copy the data for you for far less than a Yamaha Authorized Service Center. I can turn them around in 24 hours. e-mail me so we can compare your drive with the Yamaha specification, or I can pick one up for you.